Wardrobe Architect: Colour Palette

For the past weeks I haven’t done my Wardrobe Arcitecht homework. Shame on me! All I can say is that I didn’t want to. Simple as that. As for putting shapes together, I don’t have a good programme/account anywhere and I would just combine the shapes which I liked. As for colour I had already analysed them a while back and didn’t really feel like doing it again. However, for this week we were supposed to organise the colours into “neutrals, nearly neutrals and statement colours”. Looking back at my old work and trying to organise them I came up with these charts, one for summer and one for winter.

Colour palette

This was a useful exercise for me as I find my chart a bit boring. I think I have too few colours, although in my mind I’m including nuances and shades of the colours. So while I will try and stick to this, I will also try and bring in a few more colours too. Nothing’s written in stone. At least I think I have my neutrals in place, so my focus will be statements.

I won’t catch up on the weeks I didn’t do on Wardrobe architect, but hopefully there’ll be some more exercises I like coming up.

(My off-white was more off-white on my computer and my beige wasn’t as yellow. Trust the text, not the pictures)


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