Sew For A Change – February

The first month of Sew For a Change is completed. I have not spent any points this month and it hasn’t been hard. The reason is that I’ve been on maternity leave and haven’t needed any new clothes when you lounging around the house, having lunch meet-ups and hanging on playgrounds. But I got a Save the Date for SIL’s wedding so at some point I will buy new fabric for a dress.

Plus I have added 10 new points to my stash by clearing out at least 28 items. I donated 25 garments to second hand (5 dresses, 9 tops, 3 pants, 3 lounge wear, 4 skirts and 1 sweater). I also donated 14 books. In addition I also re-fashioned one dress to a shirt. I think I can award myself those 10 points.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to sell the items I wanted, a baby car seat, a baby chair and a nursing dress. Granted I wasn’t very active in trying, but hopefully they’ll get sold eventually. I also gave away one piece of fabric, which will go in the mail tomorrow, I hope, or by latest on Monday.


Ingoing points:
65 p
Pants and belt, both second hand, no points

Rule Britannia Dress
Midnight Sun Shirt

Outgoing points: 75p

I found this monthly challenge quite easy, perhaps I made it too easy on myself, but I will continue to get rid of things if I find we don’t use them. Baby E is just barely one, but in a while we will be able to get rid of a bunch of baby toys, but that’ll be next year I think.


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