Wardrobe Architect: Prints or Solids?

I’ve fallen behind on the Wardrobe architect project, so good thing there haven’t been any new tasks recently. I’m still on prints…

Now, seeing how I am lazy I won’t do the tasks as Colette instructs us, but I still want to think about what prints I do and don’t like, I’ll follow the post from Colette:

Prints vs. solids: I think solids are easier to match so my basics are pretty much all solids. I need my solids. However it is fun to mix it up with some prints, but I am not a person of print matching. I just don’t do it or like it on me.

Scale: Thinking about what I wear and what I feel comfortable in I have made the conclusion that I am a small, but not tiny, print person and my prints need to be regular. However, if the print is too small it can be overwhelming for say a long sleeve button down shirt. Scale and garment must work together.

Contrast: If I’m going to work a print, I want it to be seen that it is a print!

Naturalism: I tend to like softer prints, not a big fan of geometric prints that I find too sharp for clothing. Although I just made a geometric dress, so one should probably never say never.

In my early days of sewing I liked prints that were simple and literal (examples: Another Belle Skirt, …) but now I gravitate more towards interesting lines and classics (examples: The Leaf Skirt and Leaf Dress, Blueberry Sorbetto). Like I mentioned above I want to keep my prints regular, after all “structure” was one of my style keywords. Paisley gets a big thumbs down from me, it has nothing that appeals to me, they tend to be very light in colour too and I prefer my colours bright! Stripes I like and I thought I liked plaid, but after wearing my Plaid’n’Wrap skirt the other day I didn’t feel totally comfortable in it. Maybe it is just that plaid, but I just threw out another plaid skirt that I didn’t like. Is it bad plaid or is it that I just don’t like plaid?

I tend to think novelty prints look fun, but I don’t see myself wearing those; I’d probably feel that I was playing dress-up. Kudos to those who can pull it off (Dolly Clackett comes to mind) but I will settle for admiring her pieces and sticking with my own safer choices. Also, animal prints: not my cup of tea.

Currently I feel that I have moved past the “oh, look at that lovely quilting cotton print” that is totally impractical and into more thinking of what will work and how the print will be displayed for the garment I’m planning. The smaller the garment, the more daring print I go for. I want to work more on bringing in prints I feel comfortable in, prints have the tendency to make clothes more fun because clothing should be fun and not taken too seriously. With that in mind, I’m thinking of adding fun to my keywords, just to remember what it’s really all about.

Are you a print or solids person? Do you like your prints to be stripes, plaids, novelty or something completely different?


4 thoughts on “Wardrobe Architect: Prints or Solids?

  1. I really like paisley, actually! But I’m with you on the animal prints. I like novelty prints, but I have to be careful about what the print is, since I still like to maintain a casual professionalism in the clothes I wear for teaching in particular.

    • I just read a book and she made novelty prints look so easy. I might get there someday, but for now I’m staying in my comfort zone, taking baby steps out of it.

  2. I like prints, but I’m not very good at making sure that I have something to wear them with. As for types of prints, I like both small scale and larger, but not if there’s so much contrast that it get kind of hysterical.

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