Playing With Pie Charts – Patterns and Garment Types

My current project is yet another dress, a blouse dress with a Peter Pan collar. But when I failed to find any useable buttons in my stash plus the fact the only fabric I had for the collar wasn’t really perfect, the project came to a screeching halt. I don’t like having multiple projects going on, plus with my “one in, one out” policy I need to make sure that what I make will be better than whatever I take out, therefore my sewing mojo is dwindling at the moment. It happens and it always comes back.

Instead of sewing I ended up playing with pie charts. I don’t feel very nerdy as I know stats and charts amuse many sewists around the blogosphere. As I was already making a list of my clothes, to keep track, freak myself out with numbers (I own way too much stuff, need full season variety, though) and to prepare myself for the “one out” I also started playing with pie charts. I wanted to break down what I had made and how I had made it.

As for what types of garments I’ve made

Kläder jag sytt
I find it no surprise that dresses and skirts come out on top. Skirts are so easy and quick to make and fit, dresses are fun! If I am to make something for a special occasion, it’s a dress. However, I was surprised to see so many tops as I don’t feel I’m very good at making tops. But one should keep in mind that this chart is made up with all things I’ve sewn, including those that are now deceased and it is mostly tops and toppers that have gone down that route, the conclusion being that I was right, I’m not very good at them. So, this tells me what I already know; I need to work on tops and toppers. I am hoping that Sewaholic’s Alma, Jenny Hellström’s Sy! and Cake’s Carmine and Cocoa might help me. But toppers will have to wait until fall.

My pattern chart is even less surprising, and very un-inspiring:Mönster jag använt

Burda, Burda and some more Burda. And then a little more Burda. Over 60% of my me-mades are Burda (old, magazines and book included). I think that is bound to change as I move more into indie pattern designers including Jenny Hellström, whom I suspect will take more ground. When I took up sewing the old Burdastyle site was launched. Remember that lovely place? You recognised the users, you got free patterns, the weekly creations were fun and inspiring. Now I hardly ever visit that site. Sigh. But I digress. Anyway, starting to sew and having that pool of resources, of course I ended up using a lot of Burda patterns. Plus Burda magazines were easy to come by in Sweden. Haberdasheries here don’t stock patterns, you must order them and it was too much of a hassle for me.

Then I moved more and more into the sewing blogosphere and discovered many more pattern companies. These days I hardly sew Burda, save for my old favourites or if there’s a pattern I love in the magazine, so the Burda quotient will sink but it has a major head start on the other companies. Since I treated myself to the Sy! books earlier this year I have plenty of patterns to choose from, plus I’m accumulating a small stash. Very small. It would be swallowed whole by other sewists’ stashes. Also, I’ve now found Swedish pattern stores online, making it easier to shop for patterns. However, envelope patterns are expensive (even the big 4) and I’m a bit wary about buying them, I want to make sure it’ll be something I can use more than once; either with different variations in the pattern or making them different with fabric choices.

This is my current status. Of course I’m already planning to include pie charts when I conclude a year, starting with 2013.

Do you have a brand or garment type you sewn the most of? Are you good at filling gaps? And, most importantly, do you like pie charts?


2 thoughts on “Playing With Pie Charts – Patterns and Garment Types

  1. I seem to sew mostly separates–skirts, tops, and lately, pants. But I actually now have a gap for dresses in my closet, so I have an excuse to sew them! Also, if you looked at my sewing lately, you’d think I was a total Sewaholic junkie. Almost everything I’ve made this year has been from her patterns!

    Pie charts are cool. 🙂

    • I will do a separate 2014 pie chart when the year is over. So far it’s three dresses and a shirt, time to get going on my Almas. First Sewaholic make!

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