Fashion Revolution Day

You should know that I don’t like wearing my political views on my sleeve. But fashion manufacturing, ethical production and consumption has really become issues that I care deeply about. I don’t want to just keep on buying new things, things that are so cheap since the fabric is bad and the workers risked their lives putting the garment together.

Let’s do a flashback. Yesterday a year ago, April 23 2013, the Rana Plaza building in Savar, greater Dhaka area in Bangladesh was inspected. It was found that the building contained several cracks and it was unsafe. The next day, April 24, 3122 people came to work unknowing. Came to work to sew cheap clothes for us. 1129 of those people never came home. All those people died because of greed. Our greed for cheap clothing. Almost half a year earlier another 120 people were killed in a factory fire in Dhaka. A factory which produced clothes.

2014-04-23, Fashion Revolution day (1)

Bad lighting, but proud to say that I made my clothes


April 24, 2014 is now Fashion Revolution Day. The day when we take the opportunity to show the world we care about who made our clothes. The objective is to wear something inside to really show the answer to the question “who made your clothes?” The brave ones wear the entire outfit inside out, me I settled for wearing my Indian Shirt inside out. Paired with my Chocolate Pants and, I must admit, RTW vest and cardigan. Maybe next year I’ll be braver in wearing more clothes inside out.

I know that nobody was hurt in the making of my shirt and pants. I know that nobody risked their life, their health, their education. I know that because it was I who made it. I made it during conditions I set myself. Ethical and slow fashion has become key issues for me. I dislike the consumption society we live in, I dislike trends, I dislike exploiting our planet and fellow people. That is why I today wore my clothes inside out.

 Who made your clothes?


2 thoughts on “Fashion Revolution Day

  1. It’s symbolic; you’re bringing attention to the issue – no matter if it’s one shirt or three. I hadn’t heard about this unfortunately – but I’ll know for next year. 🙂

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