Sew For a Change – April

Another month in the Sew for a Change challenge is completed. This month the star challenge focused on paper. Here are the tasks and what I’ve done:

  •  If you have to print something, print on both sides and/or print several pages/slides per paper page.

I usually print on both pages, but this month I’ve made an effort to reduce how and what I print. I don’t print “good to know”-information at work anymore and I think twice before I print anything. I print a few reports at work (4 reports/year) on one side since it’s impossible to compare them otherwise, but I don’t print all of the report (it’s about 30 pages and I print the 10 I need). Also, if I print .pdf-patterns I obviously print on one side only.

  •  Look into the possibility of changing your kitchen paper towels to cloth and see if it would work for your family.

I have two small children so we go through a lot of paper towels. Plus I’ve had a cold and it’s allergy season. It hasn’t been a good month. But I have tried to be more cautious about using paper and using them as much as possible. With the way my nose has been running this month, I’m not sure how many cloth handkerchiefs I’d actually need and how big my laundry had been. We do have a bunch of small IKEA towels, that may in the future be used as a substitute for paper towels, but right now baby E is using them as blankets (instead of pacifiers) so that’s not an option right now. I’ll continue to use paper towels, but will be more aware of how I use them.

  •  Cancel all catalogues (such as mail order catalogues), paper bills etc, where possible, and turn to the digital versions.

I have cancelled the Ellos catalogue, I don’t know which else I have. During the year to come I will see what I get as catalogues and paper bills and cancel as they come. Already I’ve cancelled my payslip and notices from the Swedish Insurance Fund (Försäkringskassan who manages parental leave), so I only get them in digital form. I have also cancelled my “authority mail”, meaning I will get mail from a few authorities digitally rather than by snail mail.

  •  Don’t accept any ads in your mailbox – put up a sign!

We have had a “no advertisement”-sign on our mailbox for ages. Unfortunately we still get a few magazines that are considered mail, plus the church newsletter which they give to everyone, we are not even members!

  •  Give away magazines you won’t read again to someone who will.

I don’t buy many magazines maybe 4 a year. I tend to cut out the interesting interviews and articles, plus anything cute I might think of making. I also stash a few pattern magazines, in case I wish to make any of the patterns. Maybe I should look through them to see if I really will make any patterns or let the magazines go, however we are talking about 7 magazines in total ranging from 2008-2012.

  •  If you have a paper/magazine subscription, check what your online options are instead

We haven’t had a paper subscription since 2011, with children in the house and the mailbox 400 metres away, there just isn’t time to go get it and then sit down and read it. We read the news online instead.

I couldn’t judge myself, so I turned to the Facebook group. The verdict was that I have passed and thus earned myself another 10 points. However, some purchases have been made.

Ingoing points: 75

Star fabric:       -2 p                     (2m organic cotton, 115 cm width)

Stripe fabric:   -2 p                     (2m organic cotton, 115 cm width)

Star jersey:      -2.25 p               (1.5 m organic cotton, 140 cm width)

Cotton:              -0.625 p             (0.25 m cotton, 140 cm width)

Shoes:               -3 p                     (Ecological shoes)

Total:                  -9,875


Star challenge: +10p


Outgoing: 75.125p


Next month’s challenge is laundry. It can be a challenge in deed. Also I need to buy the fabric for the dress I’ll be wearing to my SIL’s wedding. Good thing I still have fabric stashed, otherwise I don’t know what I’d be working with. Maybe it’s time to check out ebay and the likes?


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