Me-Made-May 14!

I, Helena of By Eitchy, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May 14. I pledge to wear one handmade garment each day of May when I meet other people*. I won’t repeat outfits and each garment I wear will be evaluated according to my style chart and discarded if I’m not pleased with it.

*Meaning if I stay in, doing yard work or just hanging around the house with the family I don’t need to wear me-mades. However, those days look few for May.

I want to be in! I’ve been pondering my pledge for so long and it finally came to me when I read Becky’s pledge, so I incorporated her idea on working on style. It’s what I need. I’m moving back in how much I will wear, but I have discarded a few me-mades, plus I have some that don’t fit properly so my variety is smaller than wished.

And, what is “my style chart” as I referenced above? Don’t worry, you haven’t missed anything, unless you stop reading now. As part of the Wardrobe Architect series I’ve come up with my core words as well as colours that I like. However, I felt my colour palette was a bit lackluster so I updated it. I looked at the garments I own, which colours I like and used that as my base for my new and improved colour palette. Then I just threw in my core words to complete the thing. Also I added a reminder to myself to “Have Fun!” because in the end, it’s only fashion, it should be fun. I should have fun!

Style chart

Even though shapes, silhouettes and prints aren’t incorporated into my new style chart I will also evaluate that. Garments that do not work for me must go, me-made or not. So now I’m looking forward to a challenging, rewarding and inspiring May!

Are you entering Me-Made-May this year? What are your focus areas?


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