Sew Sessment

Karen of Did You Make That? asked us why we sew and where we see our strengths and weaknesses. Since I am part of the group mentality that is sewcialists, I want to answer too! Here are my answers:

Top Three Items That I Wear For Home:
Skirts, t-shirts, jeans

Top Three Items That I Wear For Work:

Skirts, dresses, blouses

Top Three Sewing Talents (go on, show off!):

Invisible zippers, true to self, doesn’t jump on every project

Top Three Sewing Weak Spots (ouch!):

Fitting, cohesion, finishing

Top Three Sewing Goals:

Learn to be patient, personal details, build a wardrobe

Top Three People Who Enable Me:

Sewcialists, Husband, Sewing Nuts

Top Three People I Enable:

Sewcialists, New sewists, Anyone who wants to sew!

Top Three Reasons I Can’t Sew:

Kids, house, lack of energy

Top Three Reasons I Can Sew:

I make time, steady income, creative outlet


Master my overlocker

Seeing my answers I know I want to change what I wear at home. As I put it I mostly wear jeans, but I don’t like wearing jeans, I need to find an alternative.

I am quite proud of the fact that I stay true to myself, which includes that I don’t jump on every new pattern and sewalong I see, just the ones I really want to do and that fall into my own style. For example I thought the Sew Dolly Clackett contest was brilliant, but as my sewing time is limited I don’t want to spend time on something that isn’t really me. In the same way I like to wait until a few (or rather a lot) of people have made a pattern so I can truly see its potential.

Since going back to work after my maternity leave I have had to make time to sew and it’s working quite well. Sewing is important to me and I’ll gladly sacrifice watching TV in order to sew. I wouldn’t be me without my sewing.

What I need to focus on is finishing and detailing, making my clothes personal without making them look too homemade. Regarding finishings, I also need to master my overlocker as it would make just finishings more effective, but I am still a bit scared of it and I don’t want to waste any precious fabrics on it, too bad I’m on a consumption diet. However, my kids are not included in the diet so maybe I should sew for them on my overlocker.

I think I’m beginning to find my path in sewing and style and my Sew Sessment has helped me realise that. It’s always good to stop and think about what you’re doing once in a while.

Do you ever stop and think or is it always full speed ahead? Do you have a clear path or is your way spontanious?

6 thoughts on “Sew Sessment

  1. I’ve always gone at sewing very haphazardly and lazy, and never liked my results much and my confident was pretty low. So I’m changing my approach and starting back at the beginning. It’s amazing how just stopping to read the directions more carefully has already improved my sewing, and my craft-esteem. 😉

    1. Yay! I used to take “clever” shortcuts which almost always failed and ended up taking more time. So I’m also taking my time and think about each step before I do it, also planning so my clothes coordinate. Good thing it’s a fun chore!

      1. Right? I used to think it was a horrible waste if time. Now I realize it was the other way around 🙂

  2. Oh, your answers are so like mine! Same weak spots. I am trying this year to be more conscious of my needs and not go crazy over a new idea before I’ve thought it thru.

    1. There’s a reason I’m always a year behind everyone else. Right now I’m making Sewaholic’s Alma and By Hand London’s Anna dress. No rush here 🙂

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