Me-Made-May 14: Week One

For Me-Made-May, I’ve decided to do my summary posts on Mondays. Just cause. For day to day shots, I’m uploading to my Flickr stream, so go there if you can’t wait. I will assess my clothes according to my style chart and I will also incorporate some of the comments my pictures have gotten on Flickr.

Thursday May 1

On May first Sweden celebrate the International Workers’ Day, meaning we get the day off work to go and demonstrate against social injustice. My days of demonstrations are left in the past so now it’s just a day off. We had friends over for hanging out, taking a walk, letting the kids play, you know, just chilling.

Me-Made-May day 1

I wore my Rule Britannia dress. I love this dress, it’s no coincidence that all of its colours appears on the style chart. This dress is also a revelations in fitting for me as I did my first ever FBA on it, and now I will never do without one. As you can see I hold this dress fondly and it will hang around my wardrobe until it falls in pieces. That will be a very sad day. The Flickr comments focused on the fit, but also on how comfortable it looks. A winner in my book!

Friday May 2

Since May 1, a public holiday, fell on a Thursday the Friday is what we in Sweden call a “squeeze day”. By taking the squeeze day off you’d get a four day weekend, which is obviously very popular to do. I also fell into this line and had the day off. As rumour had it, no one would be at the office. I did some baking, some sewing (well, tracing patterns and cutting fabric) and we hung out with the kiddo’s best friend and her parents.

Me-made may day 2 (2)

I decided on yet another knit dress (combined with bad photography and a belt with a life of its own). This has been named the Envy dress just because it’s green. The fact that it has never been blogged even though it’s been around for 5 years says a lot about how I really feel about it. It’s an unflattering shape for me, the sewing’s bad (it was one of my first knit projects) and the colour is a little to dusty for me, I need my colours bright! I won’t hang onto anything I really don’t like, it shouldn’t matter that I made it myself. Also I don’t like the fabric enough to refashion it, truth be told, this dress only ever gets worn during the Me-Made months. With some encouraging comments from Flickr, it is now time to say goodbye.

Saturday May 3

We were staying in all day, plus the kiddo and I were painting his playhouse. As per my pledge I don’t need to wear me-mades if I don’t meet anyone, plus I don’t want to subject my me-mades to paint, so I wore painting suitable attire all day. Moving on…

Sunday May 4

My dad had been on vacation for two weeks, so he wanted to come visit to see the kids and have some rhubarb pie. Meeting people meant dressing in me-mades. I needed to dress for baking (yes, again, I baked three times over the course of four days), playing with kids and accompanying the kiddo to gymnastics class.

Me-Made-May day 4

I wore my Nap-Time t-shirt with some thrifted jeans. The t-shirt was my first, and so far only, project on the Overlocker and it shows. But it works for around the house and it’s nowhere near the head of line of things getting tossed out. The mustard yellow isn’t in my colour chart and I’m not sure it would work on its own, but with the teal, which is in my colour chart, it works. So this one’s a keeper for those lazy days!


Yay, Me-Made-May is up and running! I will be ruthless regarding my me-mades, if I don’t like them they will go. My closet will be filled with things I love.


2 thoughts on “Me-Made-May 14: Week One

  1. It’s an interesting fashion experiment for sure. I actually like your last casual outfit! The mustard and teal work well together. And the green dress isn’t bad,but it doesn’t really look like you. So it’s probably good to be willing to let it go.

    1. I’m being ruthless this time around, if I don’t feel comfortable in a garment out it goes! I like the top, I just meant that just in mustard it would have been too much, the teal is a nice break and probably needed.

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