Creation: Starry, Organic Alma

A few weeks ago we had a town hall meeting at work, with four executives coming to talk about the organisation in the future. Three men and one woman. What struck me was that all four of them were dressed in suits and classic button down shirts. Now, it’s not so weird that the men were dressed in that attire, but I don’t like the common attitude that a woman needs to “dress as a man” in order to be dressed to impress in the corporate world. Granted, the suit and shirt she had were tailored for women, but still, it was a female variation with the man as standard. Starry Organic Alma In my wardrobe and style update I want to look proper and professional, but still  use feminine attire. I don’t want to look like I’m wearing a female cut of menswear, I want to wear clothes cut and styled for women. Enter Sewaholic’s Alma. A simple cut blouse, but with shaping and darts that flatter the female body. Simple and elegant and a blouse I can easily wear to the office and look professional. Score! Starry Organic Alma Closeup Since this is  a fitted blouse, I did a muslin. First I cut the size 8, with the length of size 16. I got some excess fabric at the lower back and as Jo of Sew Little Time pointed out, some wrinkles indicating in needed an FBA. So for my second muslin, unphotographed, I did the following alterations to get my perfect fit: Front: Cut a size 8, length according to size 16. Lengthened an additional inch. Did a 1” FBA (½” on each side) (following this tutorial) Back: Cut a size 8, length according to size 16. Graded to a 6 waist down. Sewed the side seams with 1 cm seam allowance (1.5 cm included). And mixing SI and imperial units wildly. That’s how I roll. Starry Organic Alma (2) I have never, ever had a blouse that fitted me this well. Ever. It’s flattering, well-drafted and adaptable. It works both tucked in and out. I really like that Tasia has created a  blouse that is a great canvas, but also easily modified. I really want to try to make a long-sleeve, or at least ¾ length sleeves, for fall. And play with neckline, although I think the notched neckline is just perfect to create a small interest in being discrete. The only thing I’m not completely satisfied with is the width of the armholes, I find them too big. Perhaps for my next version I’ll make real sleeves instead of the cap ones. Starry Organic Alma (1)

The fabric is a lightweight cotton satin. It’s from Stoff & Stil’s organic collection, so in addition to making me happy, it also makes the environment happy (or at least happier than if I hadn’t bought organic fabric). I could wriggle into the Alma without a side zipper, but due to the lightness of the fabric I chose to add the zipper. I will probably do that in the future too, since I want to treat my beloved me-mades with some respect.

The material price is about 250 SEK (€27.60) which includes a custom-fitted blouse in organic material. I’m happy with my make! BTW, my hair is a mess. I need a haircut, but we’re attending a wedding on June 28, so I wish to cut it a bit closer to that date. Therefore now it’s in nowhere’s land.


5 thoughts on “Creation: Starry, Organic Alma

  1. I love it! I agree, certain professional standards are rather sexist. I tend to rebel a bit. 🙂 But personally I love menswear on women – Tilda Swinton is a big style icon for me.

    1. Menswear on women can look great, but it shouldn’t be default. Personally my body looks better in clothes that flatter the female body rather than a female version of male clothing, however on those that can pull it off men inspired clothing, with a female twist, is awesome.

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