Me-Made-May week 2

Me-Made-May day 5

Me-Made-May day 5Namesake Skirt, top H&M, jacket (Apple Bottom viaMarshall’s)

Back to work for the first time in May. This day added the challenge that I would take the kids to the playground immediately after work, meaning my outfit had to cater both to the office and to the playground.

I like the skirt and I want to make another version for fall using a corduroy and doing the front button closure. I also like the denim and that the colour is so bright blue. Unfortunately (there often is an “unfortunately”, isn’t there?) back when I made the skirt I thought interfacing was for stabilizing in thickness only, not thinking about stretch on the bias. Seeing how I thought the denim was sturdy enough on its own, since I wasn’t too familiar in the world of bias stretch, the waistband is not interfaced. And it’s beginning to show. It’s losing its shape and have stretch out a bit. I’m taking that a lesson learnt. The skirt will be kept though, right now I feel that there are other skirt ahead in line for tossing out

Me-Made-May day 7

Me-Made-May day 7Lesson Learnt Skirt, Midnight Sun Shirt and cardigan (Camaïeu)

Yep, you guessed it, a regular day at work. The me-mades are my Midnight Sun Shirt and Lessons Learnt Skirt. I tried to do an FBA on the shirt, it’s not completely perfect. However, the shirt does not gape and it somewhat follows my curves. It works better on its own and with a belt to tie it in at the waist.

Me-Made May day 6

Me-Made-May day 6Denim Pencil Skirt, Blueberry Sorbetto (unblogged) and cardigna (Camaïeu)

Just another work day. I wore my Denim Pencil skirt and Blueberry Sorbetto. The cardigan is RTW. While I like the Sorbetto, it works tucked in for me, not untucked, there are a few minor mistakes. The darts fall a bit too high on me and I couldn’t quite figure out how to sew the bias neckline so it’s a bit wonky. I love the colour and print and this blouse makes me want to wear blue more often, as does the skirt. These are keepers!

Me-Made-May day 8

Me-Made-May day 8Starry Organic Alma, skirt (365 Sunshine, via flea market), cardigan (Camaïeu).

You see why I can’t have a diary blog? My life’s not that interesting. Another day at work was spent in my new Starry Organic Alma. The cardigan (how I wish I can ditch those soon) is RTW and the skirt is second hand. Love the Alma! Love, love, love! The FBA is totally successful and I noticed that having a well-fitting blouse improved my posture and confidence. I stood proud and tall, secretly hoping that someone would ask about my blouse. No one did.

M-eMade-May day 9

Me-made-may day 9Chocolate Pants, wrap cardigan (H&M), jacket (Lindex)

It was cold, raining and I was tired when I got up. One of those days when comfort is key. I put on my Chocolate pants and RTW tank and cardigan. On my way out of the door I remembered that it’s Friday and we can choose to join the Friday theme over in the Flickr group. I didn’t bother going back to change clothes, so I missed the Blue photo challenge. Ah, well. The pants fit fairly well, but are sewn one baby ago. However, as I pointed on in the Flickr group, these pants may not fit perfectly, but they are still fitting better than any RTW pants I own.

Me-Made-May day day 10 and 11

Me-Made-May day 10 (2)Megan skirt, top (Vero Moda via thrift store)

I’ll admit it straight up. I’m cheating. I said in my pledge that I would do no repeat outfits, yet I wore the same thing Saturday and Sunday. But I don’t care. I don’t think it would have made much of a difference to swap the t-shirt. I’m in my Megan skirt and RTW t-shirt (Vero Moda via thrift store). I originally made the Megan skirt as a maternity skirt and I wore it for most part of the pregnancy, it was a bit too tight in the end. Now, with its wide elastic waistband, it’s a super comfortable skirt for wearing around the house “doing nothing”. I like that it’s as comfortable as sweat pants (my vice, which I want to shed) but I still looked dressed. Stuff like this is needed in order to have a complete me-made wardrobe.


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