Me-Made Lessons: Declutter

Between Me-Made-May and Sew for a Change, I have totally changed my approach to my wardrobe and clothes. I’m learning so much by wearing my me-mades as well as being on a fabric budget that one post won’t do for a round-up. Therefore I have decided to break down my lessons learnt from Me-Made-May into a series of posts in which I can go more deep into each subject.

Fact: I have a lot of clothes. A lot. Really, I could count at least 140 garments in my wardrobe and that’s not including basic t-shirts and tank or underwear, socks and stockings. But I don’t wear them. There are a few clothes that are on rotation, but there are plenty I am just bored with. I did start with “One in, one out” and during Me-Made-May I’m ruthless. If I don’t like something on me, out it goes. I want to feel happy and inspired looking at my clothes, not pulling out the least bad thing to wear. Or, as I usually think, “I wish I could wear that piece every day”.

A mess. Simple as that.


I want my wardrobe to be filled with pieces I want to wear every day. Pieces that coordinate, can be worn with each other in different outfits. I have never focused on building a wardrobe I have just added pieces I liked separately without thinking of how it works with the rest.

The thing is, when I outlined all clothes in my wardrobe I divided them into three categories; keep, maybe and toss. I had no problem doing so – in theory. But when I stood in front of my clothes, having to choose a blouse to take out (for “One in, one out”) it was extremely hard. Really, I should let go of my clothes if I don’t wear them or really don’t like them. So right now my issue is; should I continue with “one in, one out” or should I just get rid of everything I don’t wear at once? Get rid of all things I don’t like or wear and build a wardrobe from there. Why is it so hard to get rid of clothes?

I know something needs to be done about the state of my wardrobe. It’s a mess! Both literally and figuratively. The realistic part of me says that I should just get rid of everything I don’t wear or like and start from there. But the other side of me fears walking into a closet with gaping holes, even if it already has holes, but hidden behind the clothes. I need a push!

Would you dare to get rid of plenty of clothes at once or would you do it one piece at the time? How do you keep from filling, and keeping, your wardrobe with things you don’t like?


11 thoughts on “Me-Made Lessons: Declutter

  1. My opinion…do it all at once! Otherwise you will never get rid of it. You wont miss your old clothes because you will just have the ones that you love and feel good in. You can then plan what you need and build a wardrobe from there. Every wardrobe has a few ‘gaping holes’ but that’s the beauty of building a wardrobe and even sewing, see it as an exciting opportunity rather than something to be feared, just go for it, be brave!

    I must admit though, I have no problem getting rid of things, I hate clutter. I got rid of a load of stuff at the start of the year and I am maybe down to about 30ish garments and I wear every single one regularly, makes getting ready in the morning so much easier.

    1. It would be the best, to pull the band aid quickly. I just need to figure out what I do in fact need (it wouldn’t be good to get rid of all tops at once fx).

  2. I volunteer at a charitable thrift shop – so I am always removing and adding to my wardrobe – and for a couple of dollars a piece – I can’t beat it. 😉

    1. The key then would be to know what to take out. I need to make my relationship with clothes less serious, I don’t need 100 options each morning, especially not when in reality I only wear 20 of those.

  3. Maybe just take some things out that you don’t wear or like much and put them in a suitcase – ease into it gently! Then in a few months if you still haven’t missed them it will be easier to get rid of them permanently? I am guilty of hoarding things for years so I know how you feel!

    1. This will probably be my way to go. That and plan for what I put back in. I think we still have some moving boxes that would be great for this.

  4. I put clothes away in a box when I don´t want to let them go but haven´t used them for a long time. Then I “forget” them and if I go back to that box after some months and realise that I didn´t miss those garments it is much easier to get rid of them! And sometimes I start using them again…

    1. I think this will be my approach, leave the clothes out of sight, out of mind. It probably would make it easier to do the radical approach.

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