Creation: Organic Striped Alma

Following the success of my first Alma, I did yet another one in organic cotton, the Organic Striped Alma. As I covered all of my alterations in the post about the Starry Alma, I will just focus on what makes this one special. Striped Alma Just as with my last one the fabric is a cotton sateen from Stoff och Stil. Yes, the stripes go diagonally and no, I have not cut it off-grain. I tried to line up the stripes along the side seams, but the bust dart as well as the vertical darts left the stripes distorted. I really don’t mind because I think the fabric makes an awesome blouse. Striped Alma (2) The starry fabric was light weight and drapey, this is more sturdy and heavy. It’s one of those fabric that is so easy to work with as it doesn’t crease or slip and it is an absolute dream to press. However, I’m not so sure it goes very well with the cap sleeves, making them stick out. I’m thinking of adding an elastic to the cap sleeve hem to bring them in and down. Do you think that could work? Striped Alma (3) If you look closely (and are very familiar with the Alma) yopu would notice the the front left vertical dart is a bit lower than it should be and a bit more centered. It’s not a fitting alteration in any way, rather a sloppy mistake. After I had sewn the darts I was to clip the thread. I accidentally got a bit too close and snipped the fabric as well. Oops! So I had to unpick the dart and move it about 1 cm to cover the hole. Luckily it didn’t alter the fit and the holes left by the needles in the first dart steamed out easily and left no marks. Striped Alma (1) Also I think I haven’t done the notch properly, it’s not quite as deep as the other versions I’ve seen. But I like the one I got. Besides no one in real life knows how it’s supposed to look. Before starting this project I spent an evening with scraps and my overlocker, trying to master it. I still have plenty to learn, but I did learn enough to finish my Alma seams on it so it looks very pretty on the inside (I forgot to take a picture so you will have to take my word for it). The Alma will rest for a bit now, but I am planning to do a long-sleeved version, complete with the cuffs, for fall. I love this blouse! I wore it today, it was very warm out, but with the cap sleeves it was not hard to wear, very breezy and I still looked professional. Do you ever worry that others will notice you are wearing multiple versions of one pattern? Do you use a pattern multiple time or do you want to get to the next one as soon as possible?    

2 thoughts on “Creation: Organic Striped Alma

  1. I find it fascinating how different the same pattern can look made up in different fabrics. And look good all the same. For myself I acctually like my Almas sewn in stiffer fabrics better, they show the shape of the blouse better.

    And looking at your pretty Almas (and wearing my own for Me-Made-May) has given me some motivation to give the pattern another go, I want to make it fit perfectly! I really don’t worry about having several garments made from the same pattern.

    1. I worked on the fit quite a bit before sewing in my “real” fabric and it paid off. I feel so confident wearing a blouse that fits me so well. I also like how different my two blouses are due to fabric choices. A long-sleeved Alma is on my fall sewing list!

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