Family Trip to Denmark

I really like getting small peeks into other people’s lives, not just the sewing. So I decided to post about things I do when I’m not sewing,

July has been an incredibly warm month here in Sweden. The minimum day temperature has been 25 degrees Centigrade (75F) but more often than that it’s been above that. Therefore I have hardly sewn anything during July. I have finished a dress for Heather’s sundress sewalong, but I haven’t photographed it yet. Photographing new garments is my Achilles’ heel when it comes to this blog.

The last week of July was spent in Ebeltoft, Denmark where we rented a summer house. A great vacation.

2014-07-28, Ebeltoft (34)We visited many beaches during July, both here at home, at the in-laws and in Denmark. Nothing beats a swim in the ocean on warm days! However most of my pictures featured kids who want to bathe naked and those pictures will not go on the Internet.

2014-07-29, Ebeltoft (8)In the city of Aarhus in Denmark, there’s an open air musem called “Den Gamle By” (=The Old City), where there is a collection of houses from the past. There are three section 18/19th century, 1927 and 1974. The houses are decorated according to different city people, such as the priest, the merchant, different craftsmen, the pharmacy, with its additional garden and much more. I really liked that the staff walked the streets in character and behaved appropriately. 1974 was the latest addition and it was quite fun to see a period of time that is so close to your childhood, even if I was born a bit later than that. As you can see above the town also had its own tailor (sorry for the blurry picture, I was not allowed to use the flash inside the buildings). I also took a picture of the work station. Such a lovely place to work with a great cutting table. a machine nearby and lots of lights from the windows! Although I would prefer my modern machine and I’m grateful that artificial light allows me to work even when it’s dark outside.

2014-07-29, Ebeltoft (10)

On our trip to Denmark we also visited a safari park. Great fun and the kids loved it! They featured the continents of Africa (pictured), North America, South America and Europe and we learnt a lot (did you know that all living 2700 European Buffalos/Wisents stem from 12 wisents that were all left?)

2014-07-31, Ebeltoft (20)

A great family vacation, but not much sewn. I have the rest of the year for that! Before leaving my AWSM: July post I will summarise Sew for A Change as well. The challenge this month involved cleaning and to be honest I haven’t even bothered with it. It’s been too hot. I will take the tips with me for future reference, but in this heat my energy is lost.

I did make a few purchases:

Ingoing points: 59p
Hat in acrylic (seen above): -6p
2 m cotton poplin: -5p (to be an awesome Mortmain)
Four blouses, one skirt, second hand: 0p

Outgoing points: 48 points.

Next month involves recycling, we do a lot of recycling and the challenge is to come up with three ways to improve your recycling, and we pretty much have covered all of the tips in the post except textile recycling, so I will definitely look into that.

I hope you enjoyed peeking into my life away from the sewing machine. Posts like these won’t be a regular feature, if I have something to share I will.



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