Creation: Cake Tee

Happy  first birthday to The Monthly Stitch! I may have just joined in June for Indie month and have only posted once, but I wanted in on the celebrations as well. We were tasked to sew Cake, in any interpertation we wished.

Starry Cake Tee (1)
Comfy casual Tee

I decided to use the opportunity to break my Cake virginity, by sewing the free Tee pattern. I had never sewed a Cake pattern before and being on team FBA I was intriguied by the sizing system (I have the Tiramisu pattern in my stash, but haven’t sewn it…yet). For this pattern you base the shoulders and sleeves on bust width and then you choose your own length and hip measurements and play connect the dots. Ah, childhood memories. After a Twitter exchange with Steph of Cake, I decided to take in the side seams a bit, so the Tee would get some more shape and not just being straight from bust to hip. I was a bit worried about the fabric bunching up under the arm, but it wasn’t that bad.

No fabric bunching!
No fabric bunching!

Speaking of the fabric, this one is lovely, let me tell you! It’s a cotton jersey from Stoff och Stil’s organic collection in cotton and lycra (too bad the other fabrics from the collection are quite juvenile). It is incredibly soft to wear and a joy to work with now that I’ve mastered the overlocker to the extent where I can actually use it (still need to learn about thread tension and differential feeding better). I usually don’t wear t-shirts to work, but hey there are weekends too and this t-shirt will be perfect for lounging around the house, chasing the kids around. Plus I’ve already established that I need to up my lounging wear.

Finished with hem band at the bottom
Finished with hem band at the bottom

I enjoyed the customable aspect of the pattern. I made the v-neck and was a bit confused by the instructions to do it, mine ended up way wrong. I don’t know if the instructions are lacking or I was just lost in translation (even though I’m pretty fluent in English, sometimes I get lost). But still I liked the pattern and it is perfect for using small pieces of jersey. It is also possible that the Tee might be a little too tight on me, but I don’t mind. I wore it to the kids’ pre-school when I visited with Little E and the kids there didn’t seem to mind either.

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