Sewing Plan Fall/Winter 2014

I have a plan, a seam to sew… (to be sung to the melody of ABBA’s I Have A Dream)


Yes, for the first time in my sewing career I have an actual sewing plan. This is huge, as I’ve before aimlessly have wondered through the fabric store isles, picking up whatever appeals to me without much thought if the fabric actually goes with anything in my wardrobe (resulting in my low fabric confidence). With the help of my stash, the new fabric catalogue and interesting patterns I present to you, my sewing plan for FW 2014! (Cheers are in order)

Bomullspoplin, stone - Copy

First up (which is pretty much completed as I type this) is another Alma blouse (number 1, number 2). Why change a winning, well-fitting concept? This time I made view C, with the long sleeves and rounded neckline. It has been made in a greyish poplin, which will make it a perfect base to match with prints.

Aubergine, partysatin - Copy

Next up; a skirt which I will make to match the Alma. The fabric comes from a lovely bolt of purple poly satin, it’s quite stiff, dubbed “Party Satin” in the store. I will make the Michelle skirt from Burdastyle, yes another pattern used for the third time (number 1, number 2). I will buy some matching fabric in grey to make the contrast bits and I hope that will make a cool outfit paired with the Alma blouse. Plus, making a skirt in shiny polyester I hope it will be, you know, actually wearable.

Svart Denim - Copy

Another skirt, I do have a need for them this fall. And another skirt, another re-make. This one will be a black denim skirt inspired by the lovely and inspirational Zooey Deschanel (the skirt looks very much like Colette’s Ginger, but I am not paying that price for an A-line skirt. Just sayin’). The Daily Mail has dubbed this a pencil skirt. Is my fashion terminology way off? To me that is not a pencil skirt. In that spirit, that it’s not a pencil skirt, I will use Burda 10-2011-119, modified of course, I used this pattern for my Lessons Learnt Skirt. I will remove the pockets and copy Zooey’s (I hope this works out, it could be disastrous otherwise). I’ll leave the waistband as is, I daren’t try to redraft it.

Jade satin - Copy

Hopefully, the fall and winter will have some parties to it. Cause if this dress meets my vision, it will be my go to party dress for the season. It’s Gather’s Mortmain dress, which I won over at The Monthly Stitch, in a teal satin. It has a bit of stretch to it (cotton/lycra blend) and I think if I get it right it will be both comfortable and gorgeous. Yes, I have high hopes. I have made my first muslin and it needs some more work. I’m hoping to finish this for Frocktober. I have bought a black silver metallic zipper for the back and am now pondering if I should buy some silver metallic thread to do matching decorative topstitching. Decisions, decisions…

The projects above are those for which I have fabrics and patterns. For the next three projects in my plan I have ordered patterns, but I have no fabrics. Therefor they are subject to change as I haven’t felt the fabrics yet, I always want to feel and touch before committing.

First up: another blouse. I have realised that I am more drawn to blouses than jersey tops so I will make those. I have ordered New Look 6945 and for my version I will do view C, the long-sleeved version. I really like this floral cotton so I hope it feels as lovely, cause I’m sure it will make a perfect fall blouse!

And yes, skirt number three. It may be a bit juvenile, but I really like this purple twill. The pattern will be decided based on weight but if it works I am leaning towards the Olga skirt by Jenny Hellström.

Finally I will venture in to new territory, blazers. I have never ever sewn a blazer or hardly ever wore one, so I thought I’d ease myself into the concept and world of blazers. I’ve ordered Simplicity 4032 and although it says it’s for fleeces I plan to do it in a sweatshirt fabric. I haven’t decided on which fabric I’ll use since I really do want to feel them, avoid getting a too bulky blazer. Plus many of the fashion sweatshirts have polyester, which makes me want to feel them even more. I am suspect of polyester. My plan is to make view D, which is oddly placed first. If it’s a success I can see myself making some of the other views as well, but probably never in fleece.

There you have it; my FW sewing plan for 2014. I will stick to this list, using The Monthly stitch challenges to guide me. The only interruptions I’ll accept are sewing for the kids. Seven pieces in total which I think I can mix and match. Getting ready for a well-dressed autumn and winter.

Do you set a plan for your sewing or is it freestyle all the way? Are you drawn to the same looks/colours as me or is my plan totally out of your style? How would your plan look?


10 thoughts on “Sewing Plan Fall/Winter 2014

  1. I have a three part plan this year for sewing! I moved in July, so when I packed I put fabric and patterns together in large ziplocks so my stash was organized. Then last month I pulled all my clothes out and went through them and got rid of at least half of things I didn’t wear or didn’t like. (I did just summer clothes still have to do winter!) This process forced me to spot not just holes in my wardrobe, but also made me really recognize what I like to wear. So now I can grab a bag and see away, choosing patterns that fit my needs. 🙂

    1. The teal IS luscious. Plus it has like 3-5 % lycra so it’ll probably be comfortable too. For the fabrics I have not bought, two of them are prints (floral and circles) so I won’t be completely print-less 🙂

  2. I love seeing people plan sewing. I need to make one of these, too. 🙂 I love all your planned makes, but especially the Mortmain fabric. So gorgeous.

    1. Thanks! I have really high hopes for the Mortmain so more muslining will follow. Since it has a bit of lycra to it it’ll probably be very comfortable as well.

  3. I seem to be formulating a plan this year as well which is a first for me – I have actually set up a pinterest board (which is kind of new for me) finding RTW clothes that I really like and then finding patterns and fabric to match. I have some denim as well for a Moss mini. I’m also hoping to sew a coat in the next month or so which will be a big step for me!

    I love reading everyone’s plans for autumn!


    1. I love plans too, however this is the first year I’ve actually put it on print. I need to make more outfits in stead of just individual pieces and a plan is a great step one.

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