Creation: Alma the Third

Alma the third. I think I can call this a TNT pattern for me now. Perhaps TNT is just another way of saying “OK, I’ve muslined, fitted and perfected this pattern and I’m too lazy to do it to another pattern, so let’s just go for the one I’ve already fitted”. No? Just me, then.

This blouse needs a belt or big necklace.

This blouse needs a belt or big necklace.

Seriously, I am very pleased with the fit of my two Sewaholic Alma blouses (Starry and Striped) so why not make a third one? To change things up, this time I opted to make view C with long sleeves and rounded neckline. OK,OK, it’s not view C. I took the bodice from view A and just took out the notch. I don’t know if there are any other differences but it was easier than retracing a whole new bodice. Wasn’t that what TNTs were all about? I do think this neckline is a bit more narrow than a proper view C, but to me it doesn’t matter. Plus I could probably lower the darts just a little bit, but again it’s not that bad.

Back view. Great fit. (The skirt could have used some ironing, though)

Back view. Great fit. (The skirt could have used some ironing, though)

The construction of this blouse is pretty straight-forward. The most nerve-racking moment was sewing the sleeves, complete with cuffs and a placket – something I had never done before. I have tried and failed. And this time I *drumroll* failed again. I couldn’t figure out how to do the placket. It felt as if there was too much information stored in the one placket step in the instructions. With too much information the instructions became sparse. Anyway, after fiddling for a while trying to read slowly and thoroughly whilst trying to understand the pictures, I just stitched it down as it made sense to me. It’s not the right way, but it’s OK. I doubt anyone will notice.

Self-constructed placket. And buttons to match my grey/purple theme for fall.

Self-constructed placket. And buttons to match my grey/purple theme for fall.

I used the same bodice as I had modified before. FBA, adding length, grading gown. After I’d traced and cut the sleeves I realised that these sleeves were also drafted for a 5’4” person. As I stand at 5’6” I was a bit worried, but I hoped my short arms would take care of it and make it a non-issue. Plan B was just view B, to chop the sleeves off. Well if I ever doubted that I have proportionally short arms I now have been refuted. RTW reaches down to my fingers (I hardly ever wear gloves in the winter since the sleeve covers my hand) and this sleeve, drafted for someone 2” shorter than me is great length (or is it too long? I really don’t know how long sleeves are supposed to be). No plan B needed! I must say that whenever I wear an Alma I am filled with confidence and pride over my well-fitting blouse. I love wearing it!

It works tucked too, but then I definitely need something colourful to accessorise.

It works tucked too, but then I definitely need something colourful to accessorise.

The fabric is a cotton poplin that has been sitting in my stash for a while, 2 years I think. I did buy it to make shirt, not this one, so in the end it fulfilled its purpose. It is part of my FW 2014 sewing plan and it’s one of those basic pieces. Some of those are needed. I didn’t make the self-fabric belt for this blouse as I won’t belt it with a grey belt, it needs something flashier. I also think I need to find myself some long necklaces to go with this blouse – I’ll be hitting the jewelry section at the flea markets! First piece of my sewing plan FW 2014 done! Now I really feel I need those fun skirts to match it with to avoid being boring. I have great hopes! Are you a TNT person or do you make each pattern just once? How do you feel about making cake pieces? Do you have an unusual adjustment to make (such as needing to add 2” to a bodice and nothing to the sleeves)?


One thought on “Creation: Alma the Third

  1. I look at TNTs more as a jumping off point for customization without having to worry about any fitting issues. At least for tops and skirts. For pants, it really is being too lazy to go through the fitting process again, since it takes so long the first time! As for adjustments, I’ve gotten in the habit of adding sleeve length to long-sleeved anything. I’m fine for short sleeves and 3/4, but my wrists tend to stick out awkwardly on long-sleeved tops otherwise.

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