Sew For A Change – October

Ocotber in Sew For A Change meant hygiene month. We had plenty of tasks to do and it seemed like I lucked into most of them. Here’s how I fared:

Complete the following:

  1. Toothpaste: Select one that do not contain triclosan or parabens. Also, if you need to replace toothbrushes, choose wooden ones if you can.
    The toothpaste we use in this household is free of both triclosan and parabens, so no change was needed.
  2. Schampoo and Conditioner: select brands that does not contain parabens, silicones or PEGs. Or if you dare – go ‘no poo’!! (That’s what I do!!)
    The shampoo I use passed the test! Still not daring enough to go no poo.
  1. Skin care: select products free from mineral oils and PEGs. For many people a regular vegetable oil is doing the job beautifully.
    The reason as to why I lucked into so much is that I don’t use that many products. The body lotion and face wash I use are made from organic ingredients and are free from a bunch of nasty stuff
  1. Anti-Lice: Fall often means lice if you are a family with kids in the primary school age. Drench the hair in olive oil and put on a shower cap for a few hours and they will choke to death.
    Luckily we have not had lice in our household so I haven’t had to use this tip.
  1. Make-up: Try to limit your use of make-up and only buy replacements when you run out (don’t buy new products). Select organic where you can. Use vegetable oil on a cotton pad for make-up removal.
    I don’t use a lot of makeup and haven’t bought any new this month. For upcoming purchases I will try and find organic. Mostly I use just water for cleaning or organic face wash.
  1. Soap: Choose hard soap instead of liquid soap. Aleppo or African Black Soap are both fantastic, non-drying soaps that can be used for the entire body including hair and face. They can also be used for shaving (for men also).
    We have liquid soap (easier for the kids!) and have not bought any new soap this month. For the future I will probably still buy liquid soap, but I will buy organic liquid soap.
  1. Try to avoid nail varnish completely this month.
    I hardly ever use nail varnish at all so this month has been no exception.
  1. Try to avoid perfume completely, this month (perfume very often equals ftalates).
    I never wear perfumes. Ever.
  1. Kids: Try to avoid using “products” on kids altogether. They are more sensitive to chemicals than we are.
    The kids get showered once a week whether they need it or not (hint: they do) and then we use shampoo and soap on the kiddo and just water on little E. For day to day washes it’s just water, even for diaper changes. Sometimes we use a wee bit of oil if needed. Little E has some dry rash on her body so once or twice a week we need to moisturise her with lotion.

   10. Deodorant: choose versions without Aluminum and Alcohol.
I bought myself a new organic deodorant (found at my local supermarket!). Verdict: It does its job for a day at the  office, but it’s not quite as good for holding up for a session at the dojo.

Organic deodorant


    11. Feminine products: choose reusable cloth pads instead of disposables or choose a menstrual cup instead of tampons, if you can.

I did buy myself a menstrual cup during the recycling month and been using it since (when needed, obviously). I use a few disposable pads each month.

To be honest I can’t judge myself. I feel as if I haven’t made many changes and I don’t feel worthy of 10 points. I will check in with the Facebook group for my verdict. Thus I am leaving with a cliff-hanger… summary will be up tomorrow including my purchases, I have a fabric store trip planned this afternoon.


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