First Ever Sewing Meet-Up

I have no pictures to show and only words to describe, but the excitement of my first ever sewing meet-up must be documented. Over the past year I’ve connected with various Swedish sewers on Facebook. There are groups for all of Sweden as well as local groups. On Saturday a meet-up finally coincided with a clear schedule so I could go.

These sewing meet-ups are for sewing. We were nine women (and one child, more on that later) each equipped with at least one machine and a number of projects to work on. We sewed, traced, cut fabric, snacked, talked, showed each other machines, shared tips and tricks. It was so inspirational to be able to dedicate an entire day (I was there from ten to four) to sewing, without interruptions (the kids were left at home) alongside other women with the same interest. I had brought a few projects, I had no idea how long it would take to sew when I had no distractions, in the end I finished one, a long velour sweatshirt.

I realised that I wasn’t quite prepared for taking my sewing on the road. Taking the machine with me is quite easy as all the bobbins and presser feet are stored in it, but then. There’s so much you need; measuring tape, thread, notions, needles, scissors, pattern instructions, interfacing and of course fabric (I’m sure I forgot something). So for future meet-ups, yes there will be more I will need to prepare. The others brought big sewing cases, since most of my stuff is integrated in the room I need a way to bring things in an organised manner. Enter the sewing!

I’m thinking of having one big bag (bought or home-made) in which I will have several different cases and smaller bags to store everything. My plan is to work from smaller things and up. I think if I keep on bag for this purpose and always store the smaller things in it I’ll know what to bring. My first projects will include a case for my scissors (I want to bring three; fabric, paper and thread snipper), a drawstring bag for threads, some case for holding machine needles and something for my measuring tools. I want to use fabrics from my stash and will make up my patterns as I go along. One thing’s for sure, it will beat the method I used last week where I just threw everything in a big paper bag. Amateur!

All in all, it was fun to sew with other people, even though most of them were into children’s sewing. Perhaps next time it’ll be people who sew adult clothing, who knows? All I know is that next time my tools will hopefully travel better.


4 thoughts on “First Ever Sewing Meet-Up

  1. a swedish sewing meet-up! awesome! i really dislike facebook, and really don’t hang out there, but it seems i am missing out on ways to meet other seamstresses. i would love to know more and join you next time! i usually have my knitting with me wherever i go, but i totally understand how sewing is not as portable and requires preparation 🙂

    1. This one was from a group “Löddeköpinge syträffar”. There is one group called “Sytokiga Skåningar” (not very active at the moment) and one called “Sy-LAN Malmö”, which I just requested to join, so I know nothing about it. For show and tell all over the country there’s “Vuxna Sytokar”, which has made me find some new blogs and connect with other people. I hope to see you there.

  2. When I was taking my sewing classes in the evening, I had my sewing bag kept to a strict minimum as I traveled by bus. And I borrowed from the other ladies the various little items I forgot, except when I forgot my project 😉 Some of the women came with their materials in those professional, wheeled make-up boxes…serious business.

    1. I saw some of those too… But since I don’t keep my stuff in that at home I wouldn’t pack a big box for meet-ups. Plus I would only bring one or two projects, so I wouldn’t need threads of a hundred colours. Right now.

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