Creation: Adult Toddler Dress


A few weeks ago I found a really cute and cosy dress for Erika in the hand-me-down box. A hooded velour dress with a patch kangaroo pocket. I told husband that I wanted a dress like that to wear around the house, to which he jokingly replied “you have to sew one”. Little did he know that I had a pattern that worked perfectly in copying dress, never dare a sewer!

Toddler dress in adult version
Toddler dress in adult version

The pattern is Sömnadsmagasin 02-2012-115. I had some issues with the pattern, such as the hood not matching the neckline and I somehow messed up the hood facings so they didn’t match the hood opening, this could have something to do with velour losing its stretch when I interfaced the facing. The fabric is velour in organic cotton from Stoff och Stil. It’s really soft and feels so much better than the regular velour, which has a 20% polyester content. The lace is cotton.

Pocket if hands are extra cold
Pocket if hands are extra cold

I wanted to add some length, but I didn’t have enough fabric, it must have shrunk more than planned. But it will still work with thick leggings or, if I’m feeling extra cold, my Pyjama Party Pants in velour. If my Mortmain Frock is the dress I’ll wear for all festive events in the upcoming season, this is what I’ll wear the day after. Lounge wear to be worn at other people’s house (I would never wear sweatpants at other people’s places, this dress I could totally wear).

Cosy! (Inspirational toddler in background)

There was one element of Erika’s dress that I skipped adding to mine. The ruffle. As it turns out I do have a limit for how far I will go in my toddler inspiration at that limit is at a ruffle over the butt. It would have added the length I needed, but no. Butt ruffles should be limited to toddlers only, they are the only ones who can pull it off.

Due to some bad weeks at work I had lost my sewing spirit, luckily I had my sewing meet-up planned. I sewed this dress and my sewing spirit returned. Now I’m working on a new skirt for my fall plan, sadly the Michelle looks to homemade and unmodern to be worn.

Cuddling up with a good book*
Cuddling up with a good book*

Fabric: Organic cotton velour
Pattern: Sömnadsmagasin 02-2012-115
Notions: Interfacing, Lace1, Lace 2, thread, satin band
Techniques used: Sewn on lace, patch pocket, hood, buttonholes.

*Currently reading The Emigrants novel series about the mass emigration from Sweden to America during the 19th century. It’s a very well written book, fascinating and combining facts and fiction. Having emigrated relatives in the US this book gives me so much in terms of the hardships, reasoning and what their ancestors went through. I’m reading it in preparation for attending the musical based on the books, Kristina från Duvemåla, in March.


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