Sew For A Change – November

I never really got back on my October Sew For A Change challenge, but the Facebook group decided that I was worth 10 bonus points for my efforts.

The November challenge was DIY and there were three tasks to complete

  1. Avoid buying as much as possible that you can make yourself. Dare to challenge yourself!
  2.  Learn a new skill, or at least give some unexplored crafty domain a proper go!
  3. If you are into Christmas gifts in your household, then make sure at least one of your gifts is homemade (such as sewn or knitted). Extra round of applauses if it is also made from upcycled material. 

I didn’t really feel like learning a new skill, I have plenty to keep me busy and if the motivation’s not there I’m not going to bother. Sewing and crafting is my hobby and I don’t want to impose musts on it.

Quickie post, let’s sum up the points in the end, shall we?

Ingoing points November: 41.4p
Star challenge October: +10 p
1.4 m cotton corduroy (skirt): -3.5p
2 m organic cotton velour (sweater): -4p
1.5 m faux leather (skirt): -5.25p

Outgoing points: 38.65p

In a few days’ time we’re off to Spain and I’m glad I’ve saved some points and am hoping to bring back a few fabric souvenirs, granted I find any fabric stores. Some RTW shopping could probably happen too.

One more month on my shopping budget and then it’s a wrap. I’ve learnt quite a few things about my spending habits, so I’ll be a changed person in the upcoming year. Next month I’ll recap the full year.


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