2014 Summary: Hits and Misses

Instead of doing the classic top lists over my 2014, I thought I’d summarise the year with regards to what I learnt in sewing, style and blogging, consider this my hits and misses, if you will.

Types of clothes I've sewn during 2014

Types of clothes I’ve sewn during 2014

This year I have made a conscious effort to set aside time so I can get sewing, exercise and family time sorted (and of course all those boring chores in between). This has increased my productivity and up until December I have completed 18 garments for myself and 6 for my children, as well as new Christmas curtains for the kitchen (which is a feat in engineering as well as sewing, but I digress). I have used patterns from 9 different pattern companies and designers. Even though I wanted to sew with a plan and make separates, dresses are what dominates my pie.

First ever FBA!

Another thing I have worked a lot on is fit. I did my first FBA in January and since then I’ve added them to almost everything and have thus ended up with well-fitting garments. Why have I avoided this for so long? So far, I’ve mostly done FBAs on standard two-darted bodices, so for the upcoming year I hope to get to some other styles of bodices as well and also putting a little more focus onto dart placement and length. After buying my overlocker in 2013, I have really put it to use this year. I love how professional it makes my garments look on the inside! I still have a long way to go before I will master it, but we are taking it one step at the time. Also, quite embarrassing to admit, this was also the year I learnt about understitiching. In school we were taught to topstitch the facings down and ever since then I have thought that it was proper procedure. Another thing to make my garments look more polished with an invisible understitch instead of a badly executed topstitch.

Bad fabric-to-pattern match and bad knit finishing

Of course not all was smooth sailing with my sewing this year. I still need to learn more about matching fabrics and pattern and using quality fabrics that don’t look cheap. Another point I need to learn more about is finishings on knit garments as I haven’t really grasped that. A few sessions with the seam ripper and/or scissors could have avoided if I had been more careful. I have gotten better at knowing when to put the scissors down and step away from the sewing machine, but still end up with simple mistakes. Most recently I set a waistband in upside down. Not a flattering look.

I am very proud of what I’ve accomplished in 2015 sewing-wise, I have learnt a lot, but still have things to learn. A great start to the new year. Stay tuned to read about my reflections (including inspiration and some highlights) as well as my goals for the upcoming year!


4 thoughts on “2014 Summary: Hits and Misses

  1. Sounds like a pretty productive year! And pie charts are always fun. 🙂

    I’ve found that a walking foot helps a lot when finishing knits– I usually serge the raw edge first, then turn it under and add a couple rows of stitching with the walking foot. The serging helps to stabilize the edge, and the walking foot mostly eliminates the ripple effect. Though with an edge as curved as the one on that purple top, I’m not sure that would have helped!

  2. I do love a good pie chart! Sounds like you’ve learned lots and experimented this year, which is my favourite part of sewing!

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