Creation: Burdastyle Helena Skirt in Corduroy

Sometimes you just have too much going on to really focus on sewing. The last two weeks of October were like that for. There were just too much happening so at the end of the day I didn’t have any energy to sit by my sewing machine. Sad, but that’s life. Therefore it was the perfect timing to have a sewing meet-up planned to get me back into sewing mood. During that day I finished one dress and I cut another project: this skirt.

Helena in Corduroy (6)

To really help me get back in the saddle I deviated from my fall plan and decided to make a simple project, and while it’s a deviation I still chose to make something that would fit into the plan. However, this skirt might not be an addition to the plan, but rather a substitute. The Third Michelle has never been worn and I can’t get over just how home-made it looks with that poor fabric choice. What is polyester duchess satin really meant for, can it ever look good?

Helena in Corduroy (3)

Onto my new skirt. For a while I have been attracted to Megan Nielsen’s Kelly skirt, but there were many negative reviews regarding the pattern and it didn’t motivate me to buy the pattern. Instead, I turned to my pattern stash and used a pattern I had used before. The Helena skirt from Burdastyle has a similar, but not identical, look to the Kelly skirt, with pleats and the button placket. In my first attempt this time I did box pleats, as in the Kelly skirt, but that did not look good , so I did the original pleats instead. I do miss the pockets, but I decided to skip them as I wanted a quick project. I’ll beat myself up later and if I make this skirt again (which is totally plausible) I will try and draft some slash pocket (with draft I mean steal from another pattern). Perhaps I’ll make a wider waistband as well.

Helena in Corduroy (2)

That pattern is really easy and straight-forward to work with, having pictures included in the instructions makes this an easy pattern to put together. It was even more easy in my first version, My Namesake Skirt, where I put the front piece on fold instead. There is one drafting error in the waistband. The waistband is supposed to be seamless, one piece to go all the way around, but it’s too short. Also, the button placket is very narrow and might not work with buttons that are too large, I used 18 mm buttons and they just fit on the placket.

Helena in Corduroy (25)

This skirt is very wearable and the colour blends in nicely with my wardrobe. I really feel like I’m coming into my own, making clothes that are wearable and still me. I’m happy!

Fabric: Aubergine Baby corduroy from Stoff och Stil
Pattern: Burdastyle Helena Skirt (if there’s a pattern out there with a better name, I haven’t found it)
Notions: Buttons, interfacing
Techniques used: Button placket, buttons and buttonholes, stitch in the ditch, pleating.

Do you ever make the same pattern more than once? Is it OK to draw inspiration from one source and use another pattern to make it up? How do you get yourself back in the sewing saddle after a dry streak?


4 thoughts on “Creation: Burdastyle Helena Skirt in Corduroy

  1. Sounds cozy! I definitely have my multi-use patterns, especially when it comes to knits. As far as using what you have goes, I do try to support my favorite indie pattern designers when I can. But as long as it’s something you’re making for yourself and not trying to sell it, I think it’s ok to take the more frugal route and use what’s already in your stash sometimes. 🙂

  2. I reuse patterns all the time! I think it’s foolish in most cases to only use a pattern once. Is that really using our resources wisely? Something I ponder…
    I draw inspiration from all over the place, including other sewing patterns and designers. If I already have something similar in the pattern stash I don’t have a problem using it instead. Plus some indie pattern companies draft for very different body types than mine so I know that no matter how cute that pattern looks it probably isn’t going to fit me well without major changes so I’m better off looking elsewhere.
    This looks like a great staple skirt and I love this look!

    1. Thanks! I’m really thinking about using resources and not buying everything just cause. I always think long and hard before buying a pattern just to see how much use I would get out of it. It also allows for creativity to recreate a look with one pattern, rather than buying one new pattern for a similiar look.

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