Sew For A Change Summary

During 2014 I participated in the challenge Sew For A Change in which we were to overview our consumption habits and other environmental impacts. In the beginning I predicted that the shopping bit wouldn’t be a problem for me, which was pretty much true, I haven’t bought much RTW this year and, more importantly, I haven’t missed it. Sewing and second hand works pretty well for me and with that in mind I can buy RTW if I make conscious purchases. I didn’t like to have a limit on fabrics. Not that I would buy a lot more if I wasn’t limited by the points, but I sometimes wanted a piece that was totally “necessary” but didn’t buy it in case I needed underwear later or a new winter coat. Sewing is my hobby and it should be fun and without limitations, which it will be, but still with restraint. I’m not going to buy every piece I like, but I’m not going to not buy it just to save points/money.

As for RTW purchases I did go on a splurge in Malaga. I was lured in by the Spanish style and the opportunity to buy something you couldn’t get in Sweden. It’s all about balance for me, in what I buy and what I wear. Shopping abroad would be the hardest for me to not do, it’s so fun! In exchange I will minimise my shopping at home and buy more second hand.

We also had the ten star challenges to complete. I passed four of them (declutter, paper, recycling and hygiene) and learnt a lot about the other topics as well. Passing those four meant I had 40 extra points to work with, in total 115 points (75 were the orginial). For my last summary and final score:

Ingoing points:38.65 p
Faux leather skirt: -5p
Jersey top: -6p
Denim jacket: -8p
Wool shorts: -5p (mainly polyester, sadly)
Black stockings: -6.5p (ouch!)

Final score: 7.15p

So, I made it! The thing is regarding shopping new clothes I haven’t felt restricted, that has been exclusively to fabric. I probably wouldn’t make it if I did it another year as I have used up many pieces from my stash which isn’t that big now. And, again, I don’t want to put a restraint on my hobby, it’s meant to make me feel good.

In conclusion I have learnt a lot, lessons I am taking with me in my sewing and everyday life, to help reduce my carbon footprint. Since I do live in Sweden, it’s pretty big, so I need to make my most to reduce it.


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