2014 Summary: Reflections and Goals

The year started out with my doing the Wardrobe Architect Series. I really felt I got a better grasp on myself and my style, culminating in my style chart (which I feel is a bit subject change, mainly regarding the colours). Little did I know that in December I would get a burst of inspiration, but I am getting ahead of myself.

While I feel I have my silhouettes, shapes and colours in order, I still struggle with accessorising. I have lived with comfort over fashion for footwear and I really want to move more towards fashion, without sacrificing too much comfort. I also want to work on building a wardrobe for leisure with fun pieces to wear on outings and playtime.

One of the things I’ve struggled with in the past year has been prioritising. There are sewalongs here and challenges there, contests and blog hops, pattern tours. I feel “Enough!” There is so much I want to sew but my focus should be what I want to sew, not what everyone else is trying to make me sew and wear. Another thing I have found in the past year is that my main interest lies in working with woven fabrics, shaping them, manipulating them into garments that fit me. I am not that interested in working with knits, building a complete wardrobe. I have a hard time finding good knits, perhaps that’s a reason. Bottom line, I shouldn’t work on things that don’t interest me. I’m not even sure I’ll do Me-Made-May (if it pops up) as the constant photography is a hassle.

Since I don’t want to work on things that don’t interest me, another realisation came to me; I don’t need to sew everything in my wardrobe. I want to sew interesting pieces and slowly have my hand-sewn garments overtake, but I can also shop things. For example I don’t feel an urge to knit so if I want knitted items in my wardrobe, it is easier to buy them. The same with basics, sorry, but I’m not the person who will sew a bunch of t-shirts or leggings. Preferably thrifted, but I shouldn’t feel too bad about shopping RTW ocassionally. I know my shopping habits aren’t bad and I tend to keep things for a long time (exhibit A: winter jacket bought in 2006, exhibit B: fall jacket bought in 2008. Both items still going strong).


So, where did my big burst of inspiration come from? Malaga, Spain! We visited Malaga in the beginning of December and the Spanish women inspired me! It was feminine clothing, flirty shapes, well-groomed, well-fitting and well-accessorised. I’m not saying I will dress like that for the playground, which some women did (I stood out in my climbing and sliding with my kids) but for work I definitely am inspired for my work wear. Unfortunately I can’t find any good pictures to represent this look, but it’ll be in the back of my mind.

In short; what I do like work on in the upcoming year is more fitting (mainly fitting of various bodice shapes), coherent look, work with different materials and have fun with sewing! I don’t want to set goals since I don’t know if they’ll be relevant in the upcoming year, I just want to have fun with sewing, without any boundaries.

So, here’s to a fun, colourful 2015!


4 thoughts on “2014 Summary: Reflections and Goals

  1. Sounds like some good reflections and goals even if they aren’t “concrete” I look forward to seeing what you come up with! Being inspired by other cultures is very exciting!

    • Thanks! When I did the Wardrobe Architect I came to a conclusion in my mind and when I saw the style and fashion in Spain it was put to practical use by other, completing the circle.

  2. I like where you are going with your Spanish inspiration. Can’t wait to see you bring it to life this year. It’s great when you get excited about an idea and work out how you are going to do it.

    • It really was my Wardrobe Architect conclusions put to life. (Except that they wore high heels and fancy skirts to the playground with the kids. I could never do that. I stood out as the only woman on the jungle gym and on the slide – and I wouldn’t have it any other way!)

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