Summary 2014: Highlights

I have now covered hits and misses, reflections and goals and the final post in Gillian’s series is Highlights. Mind you these are not sewing related highlights, so you’ll get a peak into the life I live when I’m not sewing. In no particular order, the things that have made my 2014 bright are:

In the beginning of the year I took up judo, which I had practiced in my early teens. Miraculously, I still had some of the techniques in me, but some I had to learn again. As I was able to keep my orange belt from back then, I was able to grade to the green belt in May, after memorising all old techniques as well as learning new ones, mainly arm locks and strangling techniques. I am so happy to have found “my” way of exercise and I love that we are a group working together towards the same goal, learning together and from each other. Knowing how to do these techniques have also empowered me, I’m not completely vunerable when being outside, I can defend myself. That knowledge makes me stronger.

Wearing my green belt for the first time

I love travelling, experience new cultures, also showing my kids new parts of the world. This year we have made two trips, one to Ebeltoft, Denmark, in the summer where we rented a summer house, and one to Malaga, Spain. The last trip was particularly inspiring as I hadn’t been to the south of Europe since 2011, when we visitied Nice, France (since then we’ve stuck to Denmark and Germany). It’s a whole other way of living there, it was warm in December the Christmas lighting was spectacular and the women dressed in a structured, feminine matter. I will do my best to copy the Spanish style in my sewing. Visiting Spain brought up my number of countries visitied up to 25.

Bright lights in Malaga
A powerful story

I have gotten back into a reading routine, forsaking late nights by the TV, watching nothing, in order to read more. The most powerful reading I’ve done was the Emigrant Tetralogi about the Swedish mass emigration to the US in the mid 19th century. Having family in the US whose ancestors have made this journey makes the story feel close to home, as well as the part of Sweden they left behind is where my roots are. I’ve learnt alot about Sweden and America, currently the settlers have seen the Civil War and Sioux uprising is about to take place. The only question is; how can I top this experience?

Balancing Act
In August Erika started pre-school/daycare so we’ve had to adjust to having two full-time working parents, juggling drop-offs, pick-ups and sick days. It has worked quite well and one semester in we are now finding ourselves having a routine. Erika has learnt what it means to be a pre-schooler and Gustav loves his friends. As I wrote about in my hits, I have also found my balance in my hobbies setting aside time for both judo and sewing, as well as family dinner every night.

Self Worth
Sewing and judo has helped me build my confidence and self esteem, making me a more peaceful and harmonic person. I have found an inner peace, knowing that it’s enough that I (and my family) are happy with the choices I make and how I choose to react to situations. In the end of the year I found out that I will be layed off from my work and instead of feeling resentment and anger, I choose to use this as my crisortunity (to quote Homer Simpson) and I am convinced that I will find something bigger and better because of it. My calm of the situation seem to confuse people, but I am confident that something better awaits me. The sewing community has helped in this, being a community of women supporting each other, building strength. I have played around with power dressing on crucial days at work, I now know what to wear to make me feel confident. Wish me luck in my new endeavours!

All in all, I think 2014 has made me a stronger, more self-asserted person and I’m looking forward to starting the new year and my new adventures with that outlook on myself. When I do my 2015 summary I hope to write about my new job, more growth as a human and more exciting travelling!


4 thoughts on “Summary 2014: Highlights

    1. Thanks! I’m adopting that mindset since bitching and moaning won’t change reality, the only thing in my control is how I respond to it. Hoping for good things!

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