Creations: Fun for Kids

Let me start with a disclaimer: This post is about children’s clothing. I will be blunt and say that I myself is not that interested in reading about children’s clothing so if you aren’t either you have my permission to carry on. However, for my own documentation I want to post about the kids’ stuff I’ve sewn, but to not clog my blog feed I will sweep them all up in one post. Most of them are from the same pattern as well, so there’s not much to talk about.


Coolest cassette leggings for coolest toddler
Coolest cassette leggings for coolest toddler


I’ve talked about the leggings for little E previously. I have made her two pairs, with cassettes and hearts (which did not make it to the photo session). The Cassette fabric came from my old nursing t-shirt (and scraps) and the heart jersey was leftovers from toddler skirts I made for my nieces. The pattern is really simple, I just traced a pair of leggings she already had. It’s so easy to sew for kids, the front and back are the same and they’re not fiddly with fit.


T-shirt #1 in a cute print and happy colour
T-shirt #1 in a cute print and happy colour

The kiddo has had the honour of receiving two long-sleeved t-shirts this fall. The first one was a surprise for him as I saw the fabric in the store when I was shopping for myself and I knew he would like it. I used Burda 04-2012-144 as a base for the bodice and sleeves and then I changed it as I saw fit. I added a neckline band and cuffs to the sleeves (since I accidentally cut them too short), I made the neckline a bit more narrow and omitted the pocket and elbow patches. As for instructions, I didn’t use them and did it my way by setting the sleeves in flat, so much easier!

Cutest matching brother and sister
Cutest matching brother and sister

A few weeks later I asked the kiddo if he wanted that I make matching t-shirts for him and his sister. Obviously the answer was yes. He got to pick the fabric and decided on the purple with penguins (kiddo=major purple fan) (other options were pink with owls and blue with dinosaurs). The kiddo’s t-shirt is identical to the green one but with longer sleeves and slightly shorter cuffs. For little E’s t-shirt I used Allt om Handarbete 05-2008-6 as a base. The pattern is simple in the way that front and back are the same piece, but advanced in the fact that it is meant to have a button placket in the back. To me that seemed overly ambitious for a toddler t-shirt and just did a regular neckband. I lengthened the sleeves and added cuffs. Two simple t-shirts and two very happy children. Kiddo’s eyes were glowing when he got to put on his new t-shirt, made with love.


This cap is so much cuter when a cute toddler is wearing it
This cap is so much cuter when a cute toddler is wearing it

Yes, the first category with only one finished product. I cut up my Envy dress, which I pretty much only wore for Me-Made-May and didn’t feel really comfortable in, to make little E a fall cap. I used this free pattern (to be cut on two folds, that was tricky!) from Stoff och Stil and it made for one adorable cap. Perfect for that in between weather.

My selfless sewing so far this year, although one can argue that it’s not completely selfless as I get a huge kick out of seeing the joy coming out of the kids’ eyes. Well, mainly the big one so far, little E kept pulling off her cap when I tried it on her. And I think she thought it was thrilling to wear the same shirt as her idol as well.

Kids clothes are quick and easy to sew, especially if I stick to t-shirts and leggings. I should take time and sew a few pieces now and then for the kids, they love it so much. But now, it’s back to me, me, me!

Do you enjoy sewing kids’ clothing? Do you enjoy reading about it? Or are you a selfish sewer?

Under hösten sydde jag några snabba projekt till mina barn. Jag gillar utmaningen med vuxenkläder, men för att rensa hjärnan mellan projekt är det rätt bra med att göra en snabb barntröja eller byxa, där passform inte är lika viktigt och sömnaden går fort. Min lilla har fått två par leggnings (varav bara ett par har fastnat på bild), en t-shirt och en mössa. Stora har fått två stycken t-shirtar med lång ärm. Kassett-leggingsen och mössan är återbruk av plagg jag sytt till mig själv, men som jag inte var nöjd med. Nu har de fått nytt liv!


7 thoughts on “Creations: Fun for Kids

  1. I’ve generally been one to skim through kids’ clothing posts in the past, but now I feel like I need to start figuring out what patterns are out there that I like! I actually went ahead and bought 4 baby patterns yesterday that all had options for either gender, and I’m sure I’ll be plowing into one of them once I actually know whether to go with the boy or girl stuff.

    1. I like the quickness of a project like the ones I made, a great palette cleanser or reset-er (is that even a word). This is as much kids’ sewing I’ll ever make, a few garments here and there. And, as you can see, for me all colours are available for both my kids and they don’t have that much impractical clothings (stiff shirts and pants, dresses one can’t really play in).

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