Beyond The Seams

This is how my process goes: I sew something, I write about it, I pose in various selfies, I blog about my creation. After that I may or may not wear it. It could be that I realised that the colour is wrong, a bad fabric to pattern match or a bad pattern. Sometimes I have failed to see these things while I was working on the project, due to excitement, but is it fair that the creations are always presented with a smile on my face.

Colour coordinated blouses and shirts

Which blouses and shirts get worn?

My series Beyond the Seams will have me evaluate my creation after the initial excitement has set. Have they been worn or are they forever doomed to a closeted life, perhaps with an occasional outing during Me-Made-May? What worked and what didn’t? What would I have done differently now? What fate have they succumbed to?

In doing this I hope to learn, both about myself and my style, as well as about patterns and fabrics. What can be attributed to rookie mistakes and where should I have known better?

Wardrobe upper half

What clothes just take up space?

I admit that I’m inspired by Ms. Cleaver and it seemed like such a good idea I’m stealing it. I want to learn about myself and my wardrobe too!

Do your handmade garments still hang in the closet despite never being worn? Do you have a soft spot for self-made garments even though they aren’t your style or colours anymore?

Ofta är jag väldigt glad över mina nya kläder när de just har lämnat symaskinen. Men sen bär jag dem och inser att den där färgen var nog inte helt rätt på mig, passformen var lite fel eller tyget var inte bekvämt. I en ny serie, Bortom sömmarna, kommer jag att granska mina tidigare plagg. Hur ofta bär jag dem och varför, passar de, är tyget skönt och framför allt har de en framtid i min garderob?


4 thoughts on “Beyond The Seams

  1. This is a great idea and something I’ve been contemplating for a while. I went back over some of my blog entries recently and found it interesting that I have more to say about them several months later. Sometimes it’s poor fabric choice and sometimes it’s just not the right pattern for me and other times it’s because I rushed the final product due to over-excitement. I’m interested to read your entries. 🙂

    • Exactly! After I finish a creation I’m always so excited about it, but then after a few wears the imperfections (whether it be fabric, pattern, sewing or not just your style) show. I think it will help me even further in what I want to wear and be a contrast to the perhaps too overly excited creation post.

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