Creation: Burdastyle Sewing Handbook Skirt: Rock Glam Skirt

Since a couple of years our office Christmas parties are themed. Last year’s party, which I didn’t attend, was the 80s and according to the gossip it was pretty great. Most people went all in with their outfits and a great time was had by all. This means that the anticipations of this year’s party were high with many speculations in themes and outfits.

Could use some pressing, but faux leather can't be pressed
Could use some pressing, but faux leather can’t be pressed

After a long wait, and rumors starting to spread, the invite came with the theme and confirmed the rumors; this year’s theme was Glitz and Glam. We were all left feeling quite uninspired, as the theme didn’t invite to playing dress-up, rather to “just” dress up. I am not a glitz and glam girl in any sense of the word. On Twitter I was suggested with Mad Men-glam or The Great Gatsby-glam. While I must admit that the Great Gatsby-look is great, I’m not sure I would like to spend time and money on something I wouldn’t get any use out of more than once. This was also the reason as to why I didn’t want to make a sequined garment, I would have no use for it and the sequined fabric looks cheap. I did find a more luxurious sequined fabric but that was WAY too expensive. Not gonna happen. (I was inspired by Lauren’s great dress, which ultimately would have been too fancy, though)

Side view. I think the length is perfect
Side view. I think the length is perfect

My sister gifted me a sequined look she had made for a Glitz and Glam party of her own, but again, sequins did not allure me. It would be my plan B, but I knew I wanted something different. In the end I settled for a silver faux leather fabric in order to make a skirt. I had sewn once in leather (faux as well) before, but that project wasn’t anything special. For a skirt I didn’t want to risk anything, ending up with holes because of ripped seams. Unnaturally of me, I was also precautious and realised that darts wouldn’t work well with this fabric, so I decided to make the Skirt from The Burdastyle Sewing Handbook. I still amaze myself with the insight of the darts.

Back view. The zipper is a little wonky, but I doubt anyone will mention (or they'll admit to staring at my ass)
Back view. The zipper is a little wonky, but I doubt anyone will mention (or they’ll admit to staring at my ass)

The skirt, in theory, is quite simple to sew. In practice it was a lot harder. The skirt is made up of 7 panels, four in the back and three in the front, which shape the skirt, thus the “no darts” thing. However, let me tell you that all those panels have minimal differences and are bound to getting mixed up. I think in the end I cut three extra panels just because I couldn’t keep them straight (if I could have pinned the fabric I would’ve pinned a note on each piece). And then I sewed the waistband in upside down, pinning it as a facing. Looked horrible. I substituted the faux leather for black denim in the waistband.

Panelled skirt and denim waistband
Panelled skirt and denim waistband

In the end I had a great night in my new skirt, drinking plenty of wine, dancing the night away (which resulted in a blister on my foot, which stayed there for a month). In short: it was fun! ——————————————————————————————- Innan jul sydde jag en kjol till årets julfest med tema “Glitter och Glamour”. Då jag varken är en glitter- eller glamourtjej valde jag att sy en kjol i silvrigt fuskläder i stället. Mönstret var kjolen ur Burdastyles Sewing Handbook, det var lite klurigt att hålla reda på alla paneler och jag sydde dessutom i linningen upp och ner. I slutänden blev det en läderkjol med denimlinning som jag dansade hela natten i.    


4 thoughts on “Creation: Burdastyle Sewing Handbook Skirt: Rock Glam Skirt

  1. That is super cool and you can totally wear it again. You should wear it all the time! I just sewed with leather, too and it was so hard not to use pins! I never knew how much I depended on them! Great job, it is a great skirt!

    1. Thanks! I did buy small clamps to hold the fabric down, but it was still an unusal process for me. Perhaps I’ll wear it in a few weeks time, the husband and I are going to the opera to see Green Day’s American Idiot and it would be fun to wear this skirt for that.

  2. I like the fabric you choose and I think the denim waistband was a good call! I had to make these skirts for a school production that required faux leather waistbands (while the skirt was a flimsy, cheap polyester) let’s just say the waistbands looked pretty shocking no matter what I did…

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