Inspiration: West Side Story

To be honest I thought I wrote this post 2 years ago. I thought I had written this and published it. I had another post planned in which I would reference this post so that was how I discovered that I hadn’t written this post at all. 2 years is quite a long time to live in delusion, right?

So what was it that happened two years ago that made me want to write this post? In short, I visited the opera. It was the first time in ages that I had gone to see a musical, it was my MIL who bought “her daughters” (two SILs and me) tickets for Christmas and it has been a tradition since (I missed Chess in 2013 due to flu and then saw La Cage Aux Folles last year (see, I blogged about those)). At that time I rediscovered a world of musical theatre and how fun it is to see a well-produced, engaging live performance.

WWS, Sharks and Jets

What I did want to write about West Side Story was the costume design. I really found it inspiring, perhaps not in the way that it is clothes practical for my life, but rather how they helped reflect the situation on stage. As you may know, the basic plot of West Side Story is that there are two rival gangs, the Jets (Polish) and the Sharks (Puerto Ricans). The costume designer has really made a point to make a distinction in the clothes, the Sharks are in colourful clothing and the Jets are in more neutral colours, as can be seen above, and this was true for both men and women.

The Sharks girls were also in two-pieces that dubbed as dresses, something I have experimented with twice, in my “Dress” and my Midnight Sun Outfit.

WWS, MariaMaria, as the central character and not into the gang rivalry has a wardrobe that differs from the rest. For her first night in New York, the party scene, she donned a white dress, to represent her innocence, with interesting sleeves. Sleeves that reminded me of my Flouncing Sleeves top and Envy dress, even though they are made in jersey and I suspect Maria’s dress is from a vowen. I can’t really see how her dress is cut under the bust. While I’m not comfortable in dresses cut in one piece, Maria’s dress is nice and inspiring (look closely at Tony because the actor will be featured in my next musical inspiration post, looking very, very different. Still hot, though).


Another fun thing is that the sketches from the designer was also shown. Aside from the strange body shapes of the women, I think she did a pretty good job in realising those sketches. As I am interested in sewing I thought it was fun so see a bit more of the process behind the clothes. My creativity isn’t quite there so I can make a sketch and realise it, but maybe someday I can. Until then I’ll continue to match patterns to fabrics and vice versa to build my wardrobe.

Better late than never! Two years after I saw the musical I have finally blogged about the wardrobe. And, since I saw another musical this weekend, a new post will soon be up and, as I promised, it will feature more pictures of the actor portraying Tony above. However, it inspired me in other ways than fashion.

All pictures from GöteborgsOperan.

För två år sedan besökte jag Göteborgsoperan för att se West Side Story. Det blev en öppning till att se fler musikaler. Uppsättningen var mycket bra och jag inspirerades av kostymdesignerns sätt att låta kläderna bli en del av handlingen. Sharks-tjejerna och killarna hade färgglada kläder som kontrast till Jets mer neutrala. Marias klänning från hennes första kväll i New York är också underbar, även om det är svårt att se linjerna på den. Extra kul var också att vi fick se sketcherna så att hela processen kunde följas.

Alla bilder från GöteborgsOperan.


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