Inspiration: American Idiot

I’m not sure how much this post will actually be about sewing, but I’m throwing it in anyway. If you read to the end I will tell you which of my handsewn garments that had the honour of being worn. I’m also adding a warning for spoilers of the musical American Idiot.

Can you believe my husband has never, ever seen a muscial play or any other play. Now, he is not that into show tunes so the thought of him going to a traditional musical was impossible. Then I noticed that Malmö Opera would do Green Day’s American Idiot. After that it was a done deal and I treated the husband to his first ever muscial theatre experience.

American idiot

She’s holding on my heart like a hand grenade

Now, we are both huge fans of the American Idiot album and have listened to it thousands of time, singing along aloud, but during the show we realised that either of us had fully grapsed the story and social critisism of the album; we both pointed out that we would never listen to the album in the same way again.

American Idiot, ensembleAs for costume design, they followed in the punk lead of Green Day and it’s not something I’ve ever been into, even as a teen (as I teen I was more drawn to hippie styles). Leather jackets look great though. This shot above is from the ending when the characters reconcile with living in Suburbia. It really felt like a sad ending since it was driven more an urge to settle than to think that it was what they really wanted. I live my suburban life and wish for my kids never to feel like that, I want to give them the tools they need so they never settle for anything. And I need to tell myself that I shouldn’t either.

American idiot, bandThe band was excellent, energetic and great. The vision was to play the musical with the “dirtier” sound of Dookie, which I think they succeeded with very well. The audience was loving every performance and giving standing ovations in the end. The lead character was amazing, great voice, great acting, great presence and quite nice on my eyes. As I mentioned in my West Side Story post I would show you a different side of the actor portraying Tony. Same guy. He was good in West Side Story, in American Idiot, he was excellent. Just hear him sing Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

Those eyes...

Those eyes…

I’m not thinking a studded crop top will be in my near future, nor fire red hair. I will not live up to the standards set by Whatsername. What I do take with me in inspiration is energy, refusing to settle and a will to sneak a bit more rock’n’roll into my life and wardrobe. Until then I will listen to American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown, reliving the great musical with great music.

And the handmade garment I wore? Of course my Rock Glam Skirt! Where else would I have the opportunity to wear a silver leather skirt if not to a rock opera.

All photos from Malmö Opera

I helgen var min man och jag och såg American Idiot på Malmö Opera. Den var inspirerande på många sätt, inte på det sättet att jag kommer att försöka återskapa kostymen – jag har inte direkt nytta för en nitad kort topp – men energin och känslan tar jag med mig. Jag kommer försöka smyga in lite mer rock’n’roll i mina kläder och lyssna sönder Green Days plattor – så bra är de!

Alla bilder från Malmö Opera


2 thoughts on “Inspiration: American Idiot

    • The musical was really great, I can’t stress enough how great the lead was. I have loved the album for years and now I love it even more, singing along aloud!

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