Beyond the Seams – The Oasis Dress

In my Beyond the Seams series I take a look at some of the garments I have produced to answer the question “Whatever happened to..?

Made: October 2011

Fabric: I am quite pleased with my fabric choice as the corduroy keeps the dress warm and I like the subtlety and colours of the print. Babycord can sometimes come off as a fabric for children, that’s how it’s mostly marketed, but I see nothing wrong in using it for adult clothing. It does attract lint, but with this print, who’s to notice? The lining of the bright green is also fun and makes the dress unique.

Pattern/Fit: Laura dress by Burdastyle. I think my main issues with this dress comes from the pattern and my lack of alterations. The shoulder straps keep falling down, which I read about in some reviews and comments online, but I failed to do something about it. The fit seems off. This was before my FBA-days, so the entire dress is cut in one size, which sits tightly around me, but probably not correct proportion-wise. I would have wanted the pattern to be a little bit higher in the neckline as to not look too small.

The dress as I usually wear it

Styling: Usually I wear it with a long-sleeve light t-shirt underneath and light stockings, with a necklace to fill the neckline. I fail to see any more variation potential. As the picture shows, at least me, it’s not very flattering over my hips.

Rotation: I do like this dress and I pull it out of my wardrobe occasionally, but I never feel completely comfortable in it and the times I do pull it out occur less and less frequently.

Verdict: I really do want to like this dress as it is warm, unusual and colourful, for being a fall/winter garments. But as I said, I never fell completely comfortable in it since the fit is off and the dress is unflattering on me. I’m not quite ready to let it go just yet, but since I never find myself reaching for it, I’m contemplating that it will move out of my wardrobe. I still like the idea of a winter pinafore and I might make one in the future, I really like Ruth’s version, so I know a great version can be made.

Oas-klänningen, sydd hösten 2011, är en klänning som jag så gärna vill gilla. Tyget är roligt och färgglatt för att vara ett höst/vinter-tyg. Men jag är inte så bra på att styla denna klänning och den känns väldigt osmickrande på mig, det känns som om klänningen inte tar fram mina bästa drag. Tyvärr då jag vill gilla den. Men risken är stor att klänningen får flytta ut.


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