Beyond the Seams – Wardrobe Culling

In my Beyond the Seams series I take a look at some of the garments I have produced to answer the question “Whatever happened to..?

This Beyond the Seams post will be a bit different. I have had a different focus this Spring, and haven’t focused so much on garment sewing. MY focus have been cross-stitching and losing some weight. As for the second point, I won’t go into detail but rather say that some clothes that never fit me before fit me now, some clothes fit me again and others are, sadly, too big for me now. That’s all I have to say in that matter.

Hand-made skirts saying bye-bye
Hand-made skirts saying bye-bye

Otherwise I’m working along my cross-stitch for Erika. One stitch at the time and for each passing day I get a bit closer to finishing. Which is good because my sewing fingers are itching. It’s not that I don’t enjoy embroidery, it’s just that I want some change, a new challenge.

Blouses that don't look good on me
Blouses that don’t look good on me

Also a focal point have been re-inventing my wardrobe. I haven’t sewn myself a good wardrobe in the past. I haven’t focused on fit, fabrics or how my pieces go together. Therefore I have had a stuffed wardrobe and nothing to wear. So, I did a serious wardrobe culling, with most of the discarded items ending up being donated (I will try to sell some of the maternity pieces). If I don’t wear the items or even like them, there’s no room for them in my wardrobe. This will give room for a new wardrobe, hopefully a more thought out and well-planned wardrobe. Let’s hope it goes well (I do have some pieces of fabric that are waiting to be turned into clothes).

Dresses I once loved, but don't flatter me these days
Dresses I once loved, but don’t flatter me these days

It is with sad eyes I now say goodbye to plenty of my hand sewn clothes. I hope they can find a good home elsewhere. Still I ponder, does anyone want to wear my clothes? But as it is a question I will never get an answer to, I shall leave it be.

Farewell to:

Michelle, the Third
Norah Sundress
Knot Tank (never blogged)
Bow Dress
Pink Lace Top

Lime Truffle Dress (Missing from pictures)
The Sookie Dress
Blueberry Sorbetto (never blogged)
October Top
Namesake Skirt

Exclusive Skirt
National Day Shorts
Just Floral Top
“Not A Maddy”-blouse
Three Year Blouse

Plaid’n’wrap skirt
Floral and Coral Dress
Exposed Zipper skirt
Oldie, but goodie top
A green, wait black, dress

Lessons Learnt Skirt (missing from pictures)
Pink Peplum blouse

May they rest in peace.

The whole lot
The whole lot (3 jackets, 7 pants, 4 toppers, 4 shirts, 11 t-shirts/tanks, 8 skirts, 13 dresses and 13 blouses/tops

There are a few pieces that might still get donated or just discarded, this is the first cull. It pains me a little, but I don’t wear these things. Time to make room, mental and physical, for things I do wear and do like.

What do you do with your handsewn clothes that no longer fit or don’t fulfil your current needs?

Jag börjar året med en omfattande garderobsrensning. Kläder som inte passar, på ena eller andra hållet, eller som inte är min stil längre. En del handsydda kläder har följt med och jag får aldrig veta om de håller måttet för andra att bära dem. Nu är kläderna donerade och jag har mycket mer plats i min garderob att fylla med nya kläder, kläder som passar mig och som är mer jag.


2 thoughts on “Beyond the Seams – Wardrobe Culling

  1. I have to applaud you– it is not easy getting rid of clothes that you’ve made! For me, it depends. Sometimes I’ll just pass them on to the thrift shop. If it’s a total wadder, I usually just toss it–or, honestly, if I want to harvest the buttons to recycle on another project, because I like interesting buttons and hate to get rid of those. And if it is a fabric I really love, I’ll throw it in the refashion bin and wait for inspiration to strike.

    1. I see 2015 as a fresh start and those clothes didn’t look good on me or made me happy. Once I took the step and dropped the clothes off it was like a cleansing ritual. It felt so good to make space in my wardrobe.

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