The Stash

Helena (yes, what a lovely name!) of Gray All Day is running a series called “Sew it Chic in a Week”. In it we are encouraged to share our finished garments. I have shared one garment there, since then I’ve been busy stitching away on my cross-stitch project. However, that cross-stitching project has not stopped me from adding onto my stash, so at the moment it’s been a larger input than output. Mind you, my stash is usually manageable in that I mostly buy fabrics for which I have a purpose. I don’t hoard fabrics. At least I don’t hoard fabrics when I do have an output of garments. Still, I don’t think it’s that bad… I just wish I could properly close my cupboard doors.

The Stash (2)I started out with using the two middle shelves for fabrics. It quickly got too small and my fabrics have extended up and down, as you can see those shelves are really meant for other things. And scraps have moved in. And garments I would like to alter. There’s a huge piece I meant to make curtains of, still there. Some stretch-denim which I ambitiously bought to make a suit, haven’t gotten around to that yet. Some Christmas fabric leftovers, I have no idea what to do with them.

The Stash (1)

These are my favourite pieces. (Note, no curtain fabric or Christmas leftovers). I almost have plans for all of these pieces.

Top row, LtR: Poplin, thinking a jacket/skirt set; 2x viscose, meant for blouses; Stretch twill, Clover pants
Middle row, LtR: Pique, meant for a skirt; knitted fabric, a sweater/skirt set; Gingham poplin, maxi Anna dress and a blouse (if enough fabric); cotton (also a blouse)
Bottom row LtR: Cotton, a blouse (I really need blouses); polka dot cotton poplin, a Mortmain skirt; Pique, another skirt.

(I accidentally left out a piece of blue rip stop meant for a Hawthorn dress. Oops!)

I do have a little bit left on my cross-stich birth record for Erika, but I can’t wait to start working with my uncut pieces. Every new piece is a new adventure!

Are you a fabric hoarder or project buyer? Have you ever bought a fabric with one project in mind and have it ending up something else? Which piece of fabric would you steal from me?

Helena från Gray All Day bjöd in sina läsare att visa upp sitt tygförråd. Mitt har växt ut ur sin avsedda plats och tar över mer och mer av min bokhylla. En del av bitarna gillar jag lite extra och har redan planer för, jag ska bara bli klar med mitt broderi först!


8 thoughts on “The Stash

  1. Hi. My name is Hila and I am a fabric hoarder, stasher and project buyer of the worst kind😕. I have loads of fabric and a sewing queue longer than my phone screen….

  2. That looks so reasonable! You are a saint, really. I’m glad you have plans for those pieces of fabric because I want to see! That will be great to look forward to, especially the Maxi Anna dress. Thanks for linking up!

    1. Sometimes it’s good that fabrics are hard to come by here. Other times it’s really bad.
      I want to wear the green Anna dress for midsummer (Jun 20) so I should get started soon.

  3. I think I’m somewhere in between fabric hoarder and project buyer. I do often buy with a certain project in mind, but then life sometimes gets in the way and I lose the inspiration and/or need for that project and am still left with the fabric. And sometimes I buy just because I like the print and have no idea what to do with it. That poplin in the top row is really fun, by the way!

    1. Well, I can admit that some of these fabrics were bought with other projects in mind, the city poplin is one of them. I had planned a Mortmain dress, but then I worried about all those dart breaking the fabric too much, so I reconsidered.

  4. I’m mostly a project buyer, but after too many “planned” projects, I usually forget my original plans. Years later I come back to a piece and ask, why did I buy this?

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