Creations: Cropped Hawthorn Blouse and Mortmain Skirt

The second contest for Indie Pattern Month over at The Monthly Stitch is “Separates”. The rules were simple enough, sew two coordinating pieces that work together in an outfit. To sew my separates I reached for two of my dresses patterns, because it seems like the natural thing to do, right?

Minnie Outfit (2)

I bought the polka dot poplin back in January on the annual sale and even back then I had the intention of making a Mortmain skirt. I love the shape of the skirt with those big box pleats. The main feature of the Mortmain is the exposed zipper in the back, which is inserted in a clever way, here demonstrated by Roobeedoo. Of course I had to have an exposed zipper in the back of my skirt, a white zipper to match the polka dots.

Minnie Outfit (9)

After making my skirt I needed something to pair it with. The skirt is pretty high-waisted so I settled for a cropped version of Colette’s Hawthorn dress. All my measurements hit the same size on the size chart, but I still had to do a 2 cm FBA. I will never understand the mathematics of pattern drafting. In the FBA I added a side dart, following the FBA I also split the waist dart in two to reduce bulk, after my FBA it was 10 cm across. For the sleeves I did view A, with short sleeves and a folded cuff. The buttons are fabric-covered buttons.

Minnie Outfit (16)
Not my best face, but it shows off all my FBA darts

This outfit will be dubbed the Minnie outfit as it reminds me of Minnie mouse. I really like how well these two half-dresses go together, although I don’t think they would make a good Frankenpattern. Just the fact that one closes with buttons in the front and one with an exposed zipper in the back is one clue. Plus, I think there would be too much going on. These pieces can also easily be worn with other items, although I’ve passed the bare midriff age and will search for high-waisted bottoms to go with the shirt. Or layer it beneath something longer.

Sleek profile
Sleek profile

I like the outfit, it may be a bit out there, but it did turn out as I envisioned it so I’m quite pleased. I find that is it flattering on me and fun. Obviously it is my entry for the separates contest at The Monthly Stitch.


Den andra tävlingen i The Monthly Stitch’s indie-månad är uddaplagg. Jag sydde två plagg i bomullspoplin med stretch; en kjol med Mortmain-mönstret och en kort blus från Hawthorn. Kjolen har jag sytt enligt denna beskrivning och den har givetvis ett synligt blixtlås där bak, précis som klännings-förlagan. På blusen har jag gjort 2 cm FBA, lagt till en bystinprovning samt delat midjeinprovningen i två. Det blev en blus som passade mig mycket bra!


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