Creation: The Burdastyle Sewing Handbook dress: The Leaf Dress

Once upon a time I posted about a dress I loved, my Leaf Dress. I sewed it back in the Spring of 2012. Three years ago. Back then I didn’t fit into it, especially after adding a lining. Then I spent a year and a half being pregnant and nursing. Then I tried to adjust to being a working mum of two. Now, three years later, it fits!

Leaf dress (19)
Happy that this dress finally fits (the belt is a bit big, though)

The fabric, in form of my Leaf Skirt, have made rounds during Me-Made-May and its likes and it was always one of the most appreciated garments I wore. The irony is that the skirt is now too big. The skirt was produced after the dress, so I knew I had a winner fabric on my hands. The fabric is a lovely cotton sateen, I love working with that stuff. I behaves politely and do as I please; it doesn’t shift and it presses well.

Leaf dress (21)

The pattern is the dress from the Burdastyle Sewing Handbook. This was pre my FBA days, I think it wouldn’t have hurt my to do a slight FBA, but the dress sits nicely on me. The fit is not perfect, though, as the princess seams flatten my chest. It’s just that I’m so happy to be able to wear the dress, that I don’t care! People who don’t sew will be impressed, mark my words!

Leaf dress (24)

The dress, being fully lined, may very well be one of my best-constructed garments. I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer and wear this dress! (Not too warm though as the lining is polyester). Also, I’m hoping I don’t have too high expectations on this dress, having seen it hanging in my wardrobe for three years and now being able to wear it. It is just a dress, albeit a very pretty dress. And now I can finally wear it!

The ruffle is left raw
The ruffle is left raw

Project summary:
: The Burdastyle Sewing Handbook dress.
Difficulty: Intermediate. With my experience I didn’t find it hard, I liked the images that accompanied the instructions. However, I would not recommend this as a beginner pattern.
Alterations: Omitted the neckline ruffle and closure (although I might add a closure now that I see the pictures).

Fabric: Cotton Sateen, Acetate lining.
Notions: Thread, zipper, interfacing
Price: Fabric 100  SEK (€11.61), zipper 23 SEK (€2.67), lining 20 SEK (€2.32), thread and interfacing 10 SEK (€1.16).
Total: 149 SEK (€17.29)


Denna klänning sydde jag för 3 år sedan. Tyvärr passade den inte då, och däremellan har jag varit gravid och ammat. Men nu, tre år senare, har jag tagit mig i kragen och nu kan jag äntligen bära den! Den sitter bra, men hade nog dragit nytta av en Full Bust Adjustment. Mönstret är klänningen från The Burdastyle Sewing Handbook och tyget är bomullssating från Stoff och Stil. Tyget är underbart! Jag älskar mönstret och känslan av det, det var underbart att arbeta med. Klänningen är helfodrad med acetatfoder.


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