Creation: Sewaholic Alma Buttoned Blouse

All over I read blog posts where sewers have altered, adapted and modified patterns to suit their taste, something I have never been very good at. Therefor I am very proud of this project, which really is a simple alteration, still one I couldn’t find with the help of Google. I love wearing woven tops and blouses in the summer, more so than wearing clinging knit tops. I have been on the lookout for a buttoned blouse but couldn’t find one. In fact I did buy New Look 6945 last year but as I began studying the pattern I realised I didn’t want to try and FBA it for the fear of getting too much of a cleavage. Plus what’s up with the ease in these patterns?

Sewaholic Alma
Great casual blouse

As I am blogging out of order I have previously this summer made myself a new Sewaholic Alma and I really like that pattern! Thanks to the double darts it’s easy to fit and it’s flattering. For the first version I had fitted it and made an FBA so for this round I could focus on the button front. I sewed a size 6, graded to a 4 below the waist, lengthened the pattern 2″ (1″ at the bottom and 1″ at the lengthen line) and did a (total) 3 cm FBA.

My changes to the facing

For the button front I extended the front piece by 2 cm and obviously cut two pieces of them. For the front facing I also extended it 2 cm in width at the centre front, and extended it down to the same length as that of the blouse. I made the facings 5 cm wide and sewed them with a 1 cm seam allowance. I didn’t under-stitch them, in stead I top-stitched around the whole neckline, front and back. All back pieces were left un-altered.

Sewaholic Alma
A risk of gaping, but not too big

I found five white buttons in my stash which I put on my blouse. For my next version, and yes there WILL be more versions, I will probably add a little more to the centre front 2.5-3 cm and use more buttons. There is a little gape in this blouse, but thanks to the FBA it’s OK to wear, it’s a casual blouse anyway.

Sewaholic Alma
I love the shape of the blouse

The fabric is leftovers from my Maxi Anna, a cotton poplin with 3% elastane. Also it fits the theme for July in The Monthly Stitch “Check it out“. A perfect wearable muslin, and I can’t wait to make more and experiment with necklines and buttons. I might end up with a wardrobe full of Almas! Jag gillar att bära kläder i vävt tyg, även när det är varmt (även om denna sommar kanske inte kvalificerar in där). Efter ett långt letande efter ett mönster på en blus med knappar fram beslutade jag att göra om Sewaholic’s Alma. Jag har lagt till 2 cm mitt fram på bade livet och infodringen, den har jag dessutom förlängt till blusens längd och gjort 5 cm bred. Till nästa version ska jag nog lägga till lite till och använda fler knappar. Denna funkar men risken för glapp är rätt hög. Tyget är bomullspoplin med elastan från Stoff och Stil, tidigare använt i min Maxi Anna.


3 thoughts on “Creation: Sewaholic Alma Buttoned Blouse

  1. I really like this version! The buttons are darling. In the pictures, the gape you mention is barely noticeable, but if you want to correct it, sometimes it helps to put a button exactly in that gape spot and place all the other buttons relative to it, if that makes sense? Someone shared that tip with me once and I’ve found it very useful!

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