MMMay16: Week 1

Me-Made May is up and running and I thought I’d do weekly summaries here. It’s a great way to assess what I actually wear and what works in my wardrobe. The shift in weather and therefore the shift in clothes this week is remarkable.

Me-Made-May är i full gång och min tanke är att sammanfatta veckovis här. Det är ett bra sätt för mig att bedöma vad jag bär och vad som funkar i min garderob. Väderomslaget och därmed omslaget i kläder denna vecka är anmärkningsvärt.

May 1/1 maj

Me-Made-May day 1

Made by me: Wrap top/Sytt av mig: Omlottopp

Worn to: Hanging at home and then playing in the woods as well as eating ice cream in the woods.
Buren: Hängde hemma och sen skogslek med glasspaus

This top works well for leisure and is nice and warm. Honestly, I didn’t think it would see the light of day during Me-Made-May, but it was just cold enough on the first day for a wear.

Toppen är bra och ledig, dessutom är den skön och varm. Helt ärligt så trodde jag inte att denna skulle dyka upp under Me-Made-May, men den första maj var det tillräckligt kallt.

May 2/2 maj

Me-Made-May day 2

Made by me: Jade skirt/Sytt av mig: Jade-kjol

Worn to: Work
Buren: Till jobb

A simple, easy to make, easy to wear skirt. While wearing it I noticed that I need to secure the pleat more and that it, due to the pleat, seems front heavy. I need to check the hem length.

En enkel kjol som var lätt att sy och lätt att bära. Jag märkte två saker när jag sydde en, jag måste fästa vecket bättre och pga. vecket känns den som den hänger längre ner fram. Jag måste kolla längden.

May 3/3 maj

Me-Made-May day 3

Made by me: Seersucker blouse, Olga skirt/Sytt av mig: Seersucker-blus, Olga-kjol

Worn to: Work
Buren: Till jobb

I love this skirt and can easily see why it is so popular here in Sweden. The blouse was recently finished. I did a quick toile and thought it worked OK, but if I make it again I will size down and FBA it. Lesson learnt.

Jag älskar kjolen och kan fattar varför den är så populär här i Sverige. Bluse gjorde jag nyligen. Jag gjorde en snabb toile och trodde att den var OK, men om jag gör om den kommer jag välja en mindre storlek och justera för bysten. Jag har lärt mig.

May 4/4 maj

Me-Made-May day 5

Made by me: Seersucker blouse, Clover pants/Sytt av mig: Seersucker-blus, Clover-byxor

Worn to: work (followed by getting a much needed haircut)
Buren: Till jobb (följt av en välbehövd klippning)

I am not above wearing the same blouse two days in a row. I love the colour of the pants, the fit is a bit off but I’m counting these as a wearable toile.

Jag har inget emot att bära samma blus två dagar i rad. Jag älskar färgen på byxorna, passningen är inte helt hundra, men jag räknar dessa som bärbar toile.

May 5/5 maj

Me-Made-May day 4

Made by me: Minnie Skirt/Sytt av mig: Mimmi-kjol

Worn to: Family day at the horse race track, then hanging at my dad’s Place
Buren: Till familjedag på Jägersro, följt av häng hos min pappa.

My daughter picked out my skirt today. The fabric of this skirt (poplin with 3% lycra) is gorgeous and I love to wear it. I’m building the courage to wear a bright red skirt

Idag fick min dotter välja vad jag skulle ha. Tyget (poplin med 3 %lycra) är underbart och jag älskar att bära det. Jag bygger upp mitt mod att bära en klarröd kjol

May 6/6 maj

I used one of my skip days…
En av mina fria dagar…

May 7 and May 8/7 och 8 maj

Me-Made-May day 7

Made by me: Chambrey shorts/Sytt av mig: Chambrey shorts

Worn to: Hanging at home being effected by pollen (and some minor yard work, a picnic and forest walks)
Buren: Jag hängde hemma, pollensjuk (lite trädgårdsarbete, picknick och skogspromenader)

I finished these shorts on Saturday, so I wore the same outfit two days in a row. The fabric is great for these shorts, the fit is a bit off in the back, but not so much I won’t wear them.

Dessa shorts blev klara i lördags, sen bar jag samma klädsel två dagar i rad. Tyget är perfekt till dessa shorts, passningen är lite fel bak, men inte så mycket att jag inte kommer att bära dem.

So, for the first week of May, it was mostly successes. I felt good in my outfits, now I need to get the other things into rotation, those I don’t wear that much.

För första veckan i maj var det mesta framgångar. Jag trivdes i mina klädslar, nu måste jag få in andra plagg i rotation, de jag inte bär så mycket.


7 thoughts on “MMMay16: Week 1

  1. I love that you use the same clothes several days. Imo, if they don’t smell and don’t have stains, they can be used for several days before washing. Which is environmentally friendly, as well as easy. 🙂 Of course, this might be the relaxed Norwegian in me talking, but I think MMM often brings out an “omg, can’t wear anything twice” attitude. So it’s very refreshing to see the same piece of clothing more than once.

    1. I’ve had that attidtude Before (no repeat outfits!) but my goal now is to build a wardrobe and have pieces that mix and match – ergo I have to wear things more than once.

  2. Off topic, but you look great with the new haircut! Weather has been wild here as well so I’m not sure how to dress. I had several non-photo days cuz I just stayed in (me-made) pyjamas. You had a good idea to give yourself a few ‘grace’ days! The red skirt looks great too – hopefully you can find a way to wear it again.

    1. Thanks! My hair doesn’t do long very well.
      I don’t have a lot of leisure me-mades, so it’s pretty much for that I’ve given myself the skip days. For work it’s little problem to dress in me-mades.

  3. I want to make a suggestion, but am worried it will sound offensive, and I totally don’t mean it that way. I am only making it because it made such a change for me – you need a different bra size. I wore a 36C for years (sorry, I don’t know that size that is in EU sizing because I’m in the UK and although we are in the EU we still use different sizes to mainland europe). Due to reading a few blogs, I changed most of my bras to a 32 or 34 DD or E (totally depending on the particular bra manufacturer) and it completely changed my shape, in a good way. I’m going to hit 50 years old this year and my boobs, when in a bra, look better than they did when I was in my 20s! The tighter band takes a little getting used to, but it’s something I wish I’d known three decades ago.

    I am going to guess that you have ridges in the top of your shoulders at the end of the day, caused by your bra straps. Those will completely disappear if you change to a different bra size.

    Feel free to delete this and not let it into the comments on your blog. I just felt as though I should mention something I wish I had known when I was a lot, lot younger.

    I also need a red and white polka-dot skirt in my life. It is too cute for words!

    1. Thanks for your comment. It is probably true most of it, my bras are older than I care to admit. Also it’s the hope of shedding a few kilos that keeps me from buying new bras. I hope to take care of that in the summer time and in the fall I will then buy new bra (also I see no Point in buying new ones now and sweating in them all through summer).

      Yes, more red and White polka dot for everyone! (I really want a White dress with big polka dots (as in the mountain jersey of Tour de France) but I haven’t found one to my satisfaction (not big enough dots) yet).

  4. There can never, ever be too many polka dots. I have a me-made black with white polka dot skirt that is now a little to big for me but always gets worn for multiple days whenever it is not waiting to be washed.

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