See You Elsewhere

Once upon a time, I started this blog. That was like ten years ago. This was before Instagram and Twitter, before Facebook, before smart phones. When blogs was the way to log your thoughts, to connect with others, to share. This was also a time when I had no children and all time after work and weekends was mine to do with what I pleased. So much have changed.

I never was a good photographer. I used whatever I had to place the camera on and the self-timer. As for any type of photo-editing, none. Still none. I know nothing about photo-editing. Because it is not my hobby. And if I were to learn it would take time from I want to do. I’m not saying that photography and photo-editing never will be hobby, but right now it’s now where I want to lay my focus.

Without photos a blog about sewing would be pretty useless, after all we all read blogs to look at garments, right? Do you see where this is going? I haven’t blogged since May and to be honest I haven’t missed it. During this time I have thought about how my blogging would be in the future, but what it came down to was: pause. I need to pause blogging. And I need to write why, because I hate it when bloggers disappear without explanation. So my explanation, good or bad, is that I want to dedicate my time to other things rather than blogging. I’m OK with that decision.

What will I do now that I give myself all this time? Get my brown belt in judo. Continue sewing. Explore bullet journaling. Read. Be creative. Do things with my family. Maybe one day I’ll get back here, maybe I won’t. I just need to take away the pressure I get from this blog. I need a break.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram (@eitchy), Twitter (@eitchy_82) or on Goodreads, where I review what I read. Maybe I’ll post something on The Monthly Stitch if I feel a blogging urge.


3 thoughts on “See You Elsewhere

  1. When a blog becomes more of a chore than an outlet for something you want to say, it’s time to say goodbye. I’ve done it before, you’ve made the right decision! Good luck on your next adventures!

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