The Denim Skirt of Rectangles

Sometimes you just want to sew something mindless. Engage your hands in something, but not something that requires too much concentration or skill. New Year’s Day was a day like that. I was tired from a night of good company, good food and many good drinks, plus my daughter had a nasty cough as well. Needless to say, I needed some sewing time, but I wasn’t up for undertaking any project with many details or where precise sewing was required.

When adding the belt loops, I didn’t realise that the front was was right in the CF. So the belt’s a bit off on the side.

Enter the Trijntje skirt! I’d been planning to sew a weekender skirt, i.e. a skirt that is comfortable to wear around the house or doing weekend errands. Simple enough. The denim was a remnant from my Denim Pinda pants so I had what I had and needed to work around that.

See, all rectangles. But they’re great to sew on New Year’s Day!

I’m not entirely sure this pattern even qualify as a pattern. Let me tell you what it is: It is to rectangles sewn together with two rectangles sewn on top. Then some rectangles are sewn in the top to form a casing to pull the elastic through and voilà: a skirt! Some pretty topstitching hide the fact that it’s all just a bunch of rectangle sewing. Which is, in fact, the perfect New Year’s Day sewing. I didn’t even bother to trace this “pattern” I just measured the pieces and transferred the measurements to the fabric.

The rectangle skirt, as styled in Knipmode

The styling in the magazine (Knipmode 04/2018) included a self-belt, but I didn’t have enough fabric for that, having already shortened the skirt to account for the yardage I had. I intended to make the belt loops though, as to wear the skirt with a regular belt. Then I misplaced the last scrap, believing I had thrown them away (that’s what I get for cleaning my sewing room!) and scrapped (pun, intended) that idea. However, the elastic is a bit too long to hold up the weight of the skirt on its own (very comfortable though) and I cursed past me for loosing that last piece.

This skirt does its job; provides a good leisure skirt

Then I was sorting my fabric and this time the cleaning paid off. Hidden among my knits I found that missing piece of denim and I could proceed to add the belt loops, 1 month after completing the rest of the skirt.


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