The Alternate Universe and Me-Made-May

(I don’t think I quote British and Irish comedians here enough. In real life I do it pretty much constantly. This tweet has been qutoed so much over the past month.)

In a world that’s currently turned upside down, sometimes you cannot help but feel like Ed Byrne. The planner that is so full of fun events is now a reminder of all the fun things we would have done. And May would have been epic for me! The annual family day at the horse race track, my sister’s 40th birthday (well, here I just assume she would have some sort of celebration) and the most epic last weekend where I on the Friday would have gone to Stockholm with my husband to see Green Day and on the Sunday to Copenhagen with my sister to see Trevor Noah. (Purely epic!)

And now…  I’m full of tales of talking a walk in the woods, learning to master my new race bike, sewing, discovering new places around Skåne, reading, going to the gym and working from home. As I’m in Sweden and we’re not in full lockdown, we are free to move around, but not travel unless necessary. Most facilities are still open, with restrictions, and large gatherings are prohibited.

However, one thing that doesn’t fail as May come around is Me-Made-May. While I do wear something me-made practically every day, it is still fun to join the community and think about how I feel about my clothes. Currently I’m also doing the Warbrobe Architect series with some sewing friends and I will think in those terms as well. I am working from home since mid-March, but I do put on “real” clothes every day. Maybe not the same ones as for working in the office, but my work wardrobe is quite casual and comfortable so it’s not a big difference.

‘I, Helena, pledge to wear at least one handmade garment per day throughout May 2020’

We’ll se where this pledge takes me. Currently I’m wearing the same outfit for a few days, maybe I’ll still do that, maybe I’ll shake things up. Maybe I’ll cull some pieces, maybe I’ll dress for the occasions I would have attended just to get some variety. I don’t know. I will probably do some roundups here and post something daily on my Instagram.


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