Sewn: Coral Shorts

Growing up, my dad was a blood donor. So, I remember joining him on some occasions to the blood bank for his donations and when I was in uni I became a blood donor myself. This was fueled on by peer pressure as our department at the university hospital was really close to the blood bank and a few of my class mates were also donors, we egged each other on. The downside was that they were male and could donate on the same schedule whereas I, as female, had to wait one month longer in between times. Since then I’ve kept it up, of course with some interruptions for having kids and such.

Donating blood is completely altruistic and you have to live with the fact that if a drunk driver and their victim need blood at the same time, your blood might go to the drunk driver. In the same manner, we are not allowed to take monetary compensation, but we do get a choice of three gifts. I have very often chosen bags, so I have a selection of blood donor bags; a backpack, a foldable backpack, a tote bag, a gym bag and now a picnic bag, which was my latest choice.

This t-shirt is 2 years old and I wore it on a day off, to donate some blood and finish these shorts. The fabric is a leftover from some trousers I sewed last year and I inadvertently copied the fashion photo from my issue of Knipmode. These shorts were a quick project, I just wanted to use up that last bit and get new shorts. I love the pocket/belt loop hybrid in the front. I didn’t pay too much attention to fit, as the fabric was stretch twill and they looked quite loose around the legs of the model. Well, they ended up very tight across the bum and the thighs, all that time on my new race bike and gym has paid off, but it makes trousers tighter. There is a very good reason why I’m not showing any pictures of the back, it’s not a pretty sight.

These shorts will probably just be worn around the house, maybe outside the house with a long t-shirt. But for a quick, simple, stash-busting project, they’re still OK.

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