Sewn: A Green Floral Dream Dress

I have two fabric stores nearby; Stoff och Stil and Ohlssons tyger. While both have a selection of fabrics, they both also have remnant tables. In the case of Stoff och Stil it could be cut-offs from their collection, at a reduced price with risk for errors, or assorted fabrics. Ohlssons have assorted fabrics sorted by fabric type and in this store you pay by weight. I always like to rummage around in those bins, seeing what I can find and apply it to my sewing. In fact, I very rarely buy fabric off the bolt, unless it’s something I really want or need, I prefer to look at remnants first!

A few weeks ago I came across this beautiful green floral fabric in the viscose bin at Ohlssons. (A burn test down the line shown that it is probably polyester, something I suspected already when it came out of the washer without a wrinkle). The piece was 3.3 metres and for that I paid 179 SEK (€17) or 54 SEK (€5) per metre!

My daughter approves the twirl-ability!

Around the same time Burda 05/2020 arrived in my mailbox. And while dress #109 is really not my style at all, I couldn’t get it out of my head to pair that pattern with this fabric, I had a feeling it would make a fabulous dress. Spoiler alert: It is!

Surrounded by green

The fabric was huge and seemed to have a life of its own. The two skirts are both but on the fold on the bias and it shifted constantly leaving all pieces not symmetrical. I persevered visualizing the finished dress and how lovely it would be. Unfortunately, somewhere along all the shifting and correcting and the fabric not wanting to be contained, I must have cut off a bit too much and the dress is too tight. As you can see, I can get it on, but only if I don’t plan on eating or, you know, breathing. Who needs that?

Split sleeve

I liked the details of this dress; the waist yoke, the split sleeves and the fact that the side seam don’t go all the way to the edge of the bodice. It’s a bit hard to tell, but it’s sewn around 1.5 cm from the edge and then goes in under the arm. To get this you really need to study the line drawing. The pattern is in Burda’s tall range, for the 176 m woman. I am “only” 168 cm, but have a long torso, so I kept the bodice as is and shortened the yoke and skirts to get the proportions right. I used no scientifically approved method for this I just winged it.

Trying to show that unusual side seam

All dressed up and nowhere to go, isn’t that the running theme for 2020?  I hope that next year I will fit into this dress and I’ll have somewhere to go (well, in fact we have received a save the date for a wedding). Also, I hope to find a belt that matches better and that will be a little more dressed up than this one. Until then, it’s back to comfy trousers or shorts, t-shirts and hoodies; the clothes that have become the staple wardrobe of 2020.


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