Sewn: A Signature Outfit (Brumby skirt and Burda top)

Details of the outfit

Pattern: Megan Nielsen Brumby
Fabric: Woven cotton jacquard from Stoff och Stil

Pattern: Burda 02-2020-117
Fabric: Cotton jersey with elastane (I believe) from Gittes Tygkälla

Over the spring I did the Wardrobe architect series with my FB wardrobe planning group. We’d meet on Zoom every other week to discuss a new chapter; colours, silhouettes, our lifestyles and so on. Zoom was a necessity in that it was not only Covid-safe – we also live in different parts of the country. It’s really hard to theoretically figure out what you like to wear and when sewing it’s not until the garments are finished that you can see if you like them. It makes it hard to try new things.

Anyway, this outfit, that I recently made really ticks many of my boxes. I like the silhouette with the wide waistband nipping in the waist, the sleeves which are a fun detail, the circles on the top to add a bit of irregularity and fun to the look. And the coloured tights – this skirt goes with tights in all the colours! Now I just need tights in all the colours.

For this outfit I sewed the both patterns for the second time and like the first time, they came together nicely. The jacquard for the skirt was probably a bit too heavy for apparel sewing, but in the end I think it worked out, even if the gathers are a bit uneven.

This outfit is definitely a “signature style” for me and, even better, since it’s made up of separates they can obviously be paired with other things as well. In short: two great wardrobe additions to my closet!


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