Sewn: A Shirt for The Life After This

As I sit here, in my home office (aka my sewing room), in jeans, a t-shirt and a Briar (I look like this, but with another t-shirt, still black), I dream of days when I can go back out into the world for work, for social events, for just meeting people. Since March it has been a lot of comfortable clothes and while they are great for the home office and just being at home, I still like to dress for other occasions as well.

Which got me thinking. My closet is always overflowing with clothes, because if I get rid of the things I don’t like I feel it would be too empty. But now, when I live in comfy clothes I realised that I can use another criterium for culling my wardrobe. Do I look forward to wearing this garment again? And where do I see myself wearing it? With the current Covid situation in Sweden I doubt we’ll get back to the office full time any time soon (we were back on a strict schedule September-October, but now it’s work from home full time if you can), which would give me time to identify the gaps in my wardrobe.

I tried to show off the 4 buttons cuff, but failed. Also, I think they overlap in the “wrong way”

One thing I know is that I love my shirts. And I love shirt-making! So this shirt is definitely one for the “I look forward to wearing this”-pile. The pattern is from Burdastyle (number 111-2020-02, an issue with many great patterns) and the fabric is a cotton voile from Stoff och Stil. I really like the style lines of the pattern, the princess seams in the front are from the back piece wrapping around to the front. However, their method of hidden button placket gets no love from me, basically they have you sew the buttonholes to the fold-over facing, then you fold it over and stitch it in place. This means that the buttonholes just sit on the back of the facing and are a bit tricky to button and unbutton. All in all, while Burdastyle shirts may have interesting style lines, they keep going back to fold-facings instead of proper button band. It works if you close all the buttons all the way up, but I recently sewed a shirt dress that is rather messy looking in the inside neckline due to the fact that a facing was used rather than a proper button band.

But I love the shirt and I want to wear it out in the world. However, for now it’s comfort and no unnecessary wear and tear of the clothes that await a life after the pandemic. And I tried a #poselikethepatternmodel

Posing like the pattern model

2 thoughts on “Sewn: A Shirt for The Life After This

  1. It’s awfully difficult to decide now what we might want to wear if things ever get back to the truly normal. I imagine the standards will be a lot more comfortable though, so maybe you can mix some nice shirts for zoom/later with more casual bottoms? I am sorry to say though that you are right and your cuffs close in the wrong direction. You could make buttonholes on the other side, and sew your buttons across the existing ones? In this dark fabric it’d be very hard to tell

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