Sewn: A Vaccine Outfit

After what seems like an eternity of working from home, wearing the same clothes, waiting for warmer weather to show up; I decided to just say “oh screw it!” It was Friday, I had a 6-hour meeting booked (although I knew it would be quicker), so I put on two recently finished garments. Just to look cute. I even swapped my regular glasses for another pair, but unfortunately they’re just not comfortable. I need to really consider comfort when choosing new specs. These are 5 years old and I want new glasses! Especially since of the 3 pair I have I just use one since the others aren’t comfortable. So, I made an appointment to get my eyes checked and then pick out new glasses, no matter what the exam says I need.

This outfit does not match the weather… (And yes I’m always barefoot at home and couldn’t be arsed to put on shoes for the picture)

I’m still sewing with a plan, making a 5-6 piece plan for every season. For summer of 2021, I tried my best at a capsule. Then I added a few pieces as well, as the need for new shorts became apparent and a pique fabric fell into my cart in the fabric store. What can I say, sometimes fabrics are drawn to carts! One of my identified needs was a knit top, a bit fancy for garden parties. Well, since I’m Swedish, I needed something to wear with skirts for Midsummer. After going trhough my stash of patterns I settled on the knot sleeved top from Burda 07/2018. It was quick and easy to sew. The shoulders do need some adjustment when wearing, I’ve noticed some who put ribbon across the back to keep the sleeves up, another idea would be to add a snap and clear elastic to keep the bra strap in place. I will wear the top and see what I would do. The fabric is Stoff och Stil Ponte di Roma.  It’s a bit on the thick (and polyester) side, so it might not be ideal for really hot days, on the other hand they could be few and far in between.

I do like a low cut back neckline

The skirt was a project I completed after sewing a shirt in cupro. It was so nice to move on from that shifty fabric and detailed pattern, to a simple skirt with fabric that did what I told it to. A very well-behaved fabric! The pattern, yet another Burda, from 06/2020, was easy to work with. It’s one of those patterns that maybe you don’t really need, but it’s always nice when someone else has done the math and considered proportions.

Insert Covid Vaccine here

After wearing the top for one day, I am seriously considering making it my vaccine top. No need to roll up the sleeve!

The self-belt is sewn in. There is also a sewn in snap keeping everything in place

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