Sewn: A Bumblebee Dress

Today I got a notification from WordPress congratulating me on the 14 years that have passed since I signed up for this blog, which is quite interesting considering that my first posts from this blog are from 2006 – 15 years ago.This blog has been through many iterations, I’ve recapped travels, reviewed books and movies, shared unemployment anxiety (and workplace anxiety) and all in between. In the end I’ve settled on irregularly sharing my sewing creations here and many of the other posts have been removed from public reading. I still have them and cringe.

What better way to celebrate than to share a a wonder summer dress! I sewed this back in May, but with everything summer happening, here I am at the tail end of summer posting about it. Ah, well. To be honest, as I don’t fancy typing on my tablet and rarely use my computer during holidays, no posts get typed. The harsh truth. And very relaxing.

This dress, impractical as it really is, is a dream! The perfect summer dress. Ruffles, full circle skirt, nice fitting bodice… what else could I ask for? The pattern is #107 from Burda 05/2020, sewn up in a viscose fabric from Stoff och Stil (discontinued), blue and white striped with adorable bumblebees on it. Summery without being floral! I had a discussion with a sewing friend, she wouldn’t sew a full (or half, as she first thought it was) circle skirt in stripes, the different directions would drive her crazy. But I decided that the stripes were thin enough that it wouldn’t be an issue and in the end she also admitted that it wasn’t as disturbing as she thought at first.

As for alterations I did an FBA on the bodice, afterwards I split the one (now very wide) dart into two. I also added length to the bodice (hello long torso!). On the back bodice I took out a wedge of the neckline as it was gaping. I think the skirt got a bit shorter, due to fabric restrictions, but I can’t remember. Anyway, this dress is lovely to wear, lovely to look at and lovely to twirl in!


3 thoughts on “Sewn: A Bumblebee Dress

  1. Congrats on your blogiversary! And your new dress is lovely, the bees are so fun. I’m really behind in posting my projects as well.

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