Sewn: The Barney/Rose Suit

There’s math and then there’s fabric math. As part of my physics degree I had to take a few uni courses in mathematics, it is the language of physics after all. In mathematics there is a right and wrong, no opinions needed it’s black and white. (Except when you use it for physics and try to account for energy, you almost always get a rounding error or you can always blames that the unaccounted energy “becomes heat”).

While regular math is very much limited by right and wrong, fabric math holds no such restrictions! In this world numbers don’t need to add up. Case in point, my Barney/Rose-suit.

I had bought a remnant of this green corduroy, hoping to add some colour to my wardrobe. Well, mission accomplished! I wanted to try out a simple non-lined blazer, New Look 6481 (OOP), and used the corduroy as a wearable muslin. This is where the fabric math comes in. I had 1.8 metres of the corduroy, the blazer called for 1.4 metres, so surely I could fit in something else as well? Especially since corduroy requires that all pieces face the same direction due to its nap. I settled on a skirt from Burda Easy FW2014 (skirt 3A without the zippers), which is made up by several small pieces, making pattern Tetris a bit easier. I had to piece the back waistband, and I used another fabric for lining the waistband, but in this version of fabric math 1.4 metres + 0.9 metres = 1.8 metres.

As the blazer is unlined I did a Hongkong seam finish. Preferably, I would like some bias binding with a bit more of a pop, but I decided to use what I had at home. I read that this type of seam finish was not recommended for curved seam, so the sleeve to bodice seam is just serged. A bit boring but I didn’t know what to do. I do like that after 15 years of sewing, there are still new techniques for me to try.

Wearing the two pieces together, well it is a lot of green. I feel like a combination of How I Met Your Mother’s Barney on St Patrick’s Day and Taskmaster’s Rose Matafeo, albeit with a skirt. Each piece in its own is bright, together… is it too much? Maybe more suited for spring than autumn? We’ll see. It was a fun project.

The top is a Megan Nielsen Briar in a cotton knit with denim look.


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