Sewn: The Scissors Shirt

Kids, I’m going to tell you an incredible story, the story of how I sewed with quilting cotton. [recognise it?]

(OK, so I might be sitting down writing this blog post just hours after I heard of Bob Saget’s passing. I loved Full House as a kid, in hindsight it is a pretty shitty show and this blog hilariously captures it. In my older days, Bob Saget is known to me as old Ted/the narrator in How I Met Your Mother).

Anyway, back to the incredible story about quilting fabric. Back in late 200s/early 2010s, when sewing was picking up momentum around the world, or at least made visible due to the birth of sewing blogs, there were many discussions regarding the use of quilting fabric for garment sewing. Many were drawn to the colourful styles and well-behaved cotton, but after the initial love, it was easy to see that quilting cotton was not made for garment sewing as it most often lacked the proper drape. Not to mention the surprise I once got when I didn’t realise that quilting cotton often comes on 110 cm width fabric instead of 140 cm, as is custom for garment fabrics, and I had bought the meterage needed for 140 cm. It was this dress.

A few years ago, I visited Gittes Tygkälla (seriously big store, I’ll take you there if you’re nearby sometime) with some sewing friends and I fell for this scissors fabric from the Robert Kaufmann line. I figured it would be fun to wear my hobby on my sleeve and the print was still discrete while still fun. I found some matching buttons and bias tape to add some purple details to this otherwise very grey colour scheme. For a hem this deep, I prefer using bias tape instead of trying to ease the fabric in a narrow hem.

The Deer and Doe Mélilot shirt (sizes 34-52) is quite a good beginner shirt. There are no sleeves to set and no yoke; the bodice sews up in a whip, even if you, like me, use French seams. The short sleeved version is a good intro to shirt-making, as focus can be put on assembling the collar and put off sleeves, yokes and sleeves plackets until another sewing venture. I sewed a straight size 42, just added 3.5 cm above the bust dart. The D&D block works pretty good for my shape, just need those extra cm!

I also made those trousers (Burda pattern, black stretch twill from Ohlssons Tyger) and I like how they look with the shirt and the red belt. Walking across my yard in this outfit I felt I would fit in at the office, both in terms of how they look but also because it connects to my personal style (maybe I’ll dwell on that in a later post). But alas, it’s back to the home office for now.


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