Are You, Are You Coming to the Tree

Pattern: Deer & Doe Acajou Trousers
Fabric: Denim Stretch twill; dark from Ohlssons Tyger, light from Böttger Stoffwinkel, Alkmaar. (Both out of stock. In fact I bought the last on the roll of the light blue denim)

Notions: 20 cm zipper, elastic, button, interfacing.
Also wearing: Hi-lo shirt.

While falling into a Youtube rabbit hole, I got stuck in a Hunger Games groove, prompting me to re-read the books. They are quite quick to read, as the language is adapted for teens, as well as pretty much non-stop action. Being a total fangirl, I even fashioned my hair into a Katniss braid (which it was before it became an Elsa braid), although I feel my hair is a little too short for the full effect. 

I added an extra back pocket. (Plus my attempt at the Katniss braid)

I don’t think my Acajous will be a trilogy, at least not at the moment, but I don’t think I leave them with a Catching Fire cliffhanger. I have two pairs, which I both like to wear, but as Barney Stinson would say; “New is always better”, the second pair are superior in many ways, in terms of fabric selection, finishing details and workmanship. As long as nobody studies that fly too closely. But who would?

Really comfy and can be used beyond the point of casual

The darker, first, pair a view B straight up, with cargo pockets and elastic cuff. The fabric is a stretch twill in a polyester/viscose/elastane blend, which, while meeting the weight requirement of the Acajou are still a bit too lightweight. The pants are still extremely comfortable, but a lot of wear and wash have already made them start pilling since I made them in August 2022. The new and better pair are version B without the elastic cuffs, or version A with added cargo pockets, as well as an extra back pocket. I have topstitched all topstitchable seams with denim thread as well. The elastic in the back waist, I probably could have pulled it a bit tighter, but I wanted to avoid the weird poufy effect I got by pulling it in too tight, so the trousers stay put, but are a bit too loose.

And I love my pink Converse high-tops!

My closet is slowly becoming filled with D&D clothing. I like the styles for most part and they fit me pretty well straight out of the envelope. As I am team paper patterns as well as team trace, it is sad that they no longer sell paper patterns, while I do understand their reasoning for it. 

And if your French, like mine, doesn’t go as far as wood types, you can always count on Effie to help you with what Acajou means.


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